Goodbye lenin movie review

Goodbye Lenin! Movie Review

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Flashback blog: Sept. 2007

After and while the film was showing, I was thinking of how good the storyline was. A son doing everything so that his mother won’t find out an important thing that would cause her death is very realistic because any son or daughter would probably do that to his mother so that he/she won’t lose her. The film showcased the events greatly and it reflected a lot of things in real life. The film had a lot of social issues that showed real events in history and in the society, particularly the events happened during the fall of the Berlin wall and the German Democratic Republic.

The actors were able to give justice to the characters they portrayed. My favorite was the character of the mother. I loved the way she shifted from being so jolly, then being depressed, then going back to being a jolly mother, then being so clueless about everything that’s going on in their country. The actor who played the son also gave justice to the character, although I think he lacked acting skills in showing affection to the mother. Another favorite character of mine was the son’s friend/co-employee. I think it was the most of him that made the film funny.

Every scene of the film was exciting and a bit nerve-wracking, especially those scenes where the mother almost finds out about the truth. The director was able to send the message of the film to the audience clearly. I was able to grasp what the film wants me to learn. The whole production of the film (time, setting, costumes) suits the story line. The film’s cinematography was simple, but it sure provided emphasis on some significant scenes. Like its cinematography, I think the film was edited very well.

The editing still connected with the story line and setting of the film. I loved the musical scoring of the film, it really fitted every time and setting in the film, and deeply described the emotions in a particular scene. In connection with the editing, I liked the first part of the film, and those scenes that were fast forwarded. I love the film. I just can’t say bad things about it. My overall rating for it is 4 out of 5.

This is a pathetic movie review. I hate the way I wrote it because I crammed it. Anyway, I still want to post it. At least I was honest about my remarks about the movie. It’s really good. Go and find a copy of it.

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