best films of year 2000

9 Most Essential Films in the Year 2000

So what’s the significance of blogging about the most essential films in a particular era or year? As we all know, more than half of the world’s population is now in quarantine, and the country with the most coronavirus cases in the USA. Since it is the world’s largest economy, all its entertainment, fiscal, and political relations are affected. News about spring and summer film … Continue reading 9 Most Essential Films in the Year 2000



SUPERPSYCHOCEBU, the Philippines’ first and only stoner film, is more than just a cannabis-riddled artform. It is a Philosophical film. Its writers proliferate societal and psychological affairs that go beyond being “stoned.” Being “high” or “stoned” means going past our conscious brain (beta) to think or create new streams of consciousness–our subconscious, and opening up the alpha or the theta part of the brain. For … Continue reading ‘SUPERPSYCHOCEBU’ Film Review