Taylor Swift Impersonator Taylor Sheesh Takes Over the Universe

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The phenomenal Taylor Sheesh just returned from her “Errors Tour” in Australia and again mesmerizing Swifties from Mindanao

The Philippines is known to be the “hugot” or sentimental country. More than other countries in Asia and the world, Filipinos just love love, and even when sad in love, we wallow in our bitterness or insanity over love. We would cry over their lost love through heartbreaking tunes until we were okay.

Millennials and Generation Z grew up on girl power structures or “you go, girl!”—the feminist generation, and while we know that wallowing in our grief is crucial, we know how to take charge and remain strong and assertive while being bitter. It’s no wonder why many people of this generation relate to Taylor Swift’s hits. In 2022, Taylor Swift became the top artist on Spotify Philippines. She continues to be a contender for the top spot today.

Taylor Swift announced her “Eras Tour” last year, and Filipino swifties were disappointed that Miss Americana skipped the Philippines and other parts of ASEAN during her tour. Many had to book airfare tickets in Japan, Singapore, Australia, and some even in Europe and the USA.

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Taylor Swift Impersonator Taylor Sheesh Takes Over the Universe
Davaoeño Swifties gushing over Taylor Sheesh

The Rise of Taylor Sheesh

To address Taylor Swift’s limited tour dates and cities, the Philippines found solace in the most popular and currently trending impersonator and drag queen, Taylor Sheesh. However, even before Swift announced her tour, Filipino Swifties have organized Taylor Swift parties around the country.” Several drag queens would portray their idols, but Taylor Sheesh would become the most phenomenal.

Taylor Sheesh is John Mac Lane Coronel from Manila. Now 29, he became a Swiftie when he was 15 years old. When he decided to be a drag queen, he emulated Lady Gaga first and even won a contest. However, he has followed Swift’s gestures and mannerisms since becoming a Swiftie.

Coronel started impersonating Taylor Swift in 2017, holding shows for Swiftie listening parties and other events. In 2022, he was discovered by a well-connected event organizer who put him in huge shows, and that’s when he started to go viral on social media.

Taylor Sheesh Live

Last Saturday, February 24th, the Swifties for Mindanao organized the Starlight: The Ultimate Swiftie Party at Whisky Park, Davao City. I was invited by one of the sponsors of the show.

Disclaimer: I am not a Swiftie. To be honest, I’m not very fond of Taylor Swift’s demeanor. However, I’m a fan of many of her songs, especially “Style,” a song I wish I had written. I got curious about Taylor Sheesh, who just came back from Melbourne a few days before the Starlight party.

The truth is that I couldn’t pinpoint how the Taylor Sheesh phenomenon happened, but it piqued my curiosity. Like the real Taylor Swift, fans would swarm and gush over Sheesh, jam to her lip-syncing performance, take videos, and shoot selfies with her. I didn’t believe it—not until I witnessed it.

Taylor Swift Impersonator Taylor Sheesh Takes Over the Universe
From left to right: Taylor Sheesh, Taylor Shiteh, and Maya Sympha

Taylor Sheesh headlined the Starlight Ultimate Swiftie party, but she was joined by not just one but two Taylor Swift impersonators. Taylor Shiteh, also from Luzon, has been making waves with her close-to-Taylor Swift makeup. Maya Sympha from Davao City has been the go-to impersonator in Davao and the rest of Mindanao’s Swiftie parties and shows.

I enjoyed the event as it had a lot of surprises, including several acoustic acts performing their renditions of Taylor Swift’s songs. Maya Sympha herself even performed a live acoustic set, which I loved! The Swifties of Davao were so proud of her; she did a fantastic job.

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Reviewing the show, I noticed that amongst the three drag queens, it was Taylor Sheesh’s performance where people stood up and danced to Swift’s tunes, and I witnessed it. Standing there along with the legit Swifties, I was mesmerized by Taylor Sheesh. While her makeup didn’t precisely mirror her idol, her whole demeanor, the awkward way she danced, and the way she would fan her hands and roll her eyes are exactly like Taylor Swift’s.

After she went viral worldwide, Taylor Sheesh received a lot of love but didn’t get away from backlash from others, saying that Taylor Swift should sue her for making a buck out of emulating their idol. However, that didn’t stop her from having sold-out shows not just in the Philippines but around the world. She had her “Errors Tour” in Melbourne, which she’ll also bring to Singapore. She has also appeared on Good Morning America. That’s just the start for her; I know more great things are coming.

As mentioned, I’m not fond of the real Taylor Swift, but I love many of her songs. The best way to balance that is to have Taylor Sheesh as the performer because I adore Sheesh! That won’t be my last show of hers.

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