Catch the Catchy Tunes of “Despicable Me 4” in Cinemas Now

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Whether it’s a catchy upbeat tune like “Happy” or a mellow track like “Just A Cloud Away,” the “Despicable Me” franchise has delivered some of the most beloved music in animated films. The musical themes for its characters are just as unforgettable, because in the world of “Despicable Me,” the music is key to weaving together the narrative with equal parts mischief and heart.

Grammy Award-winning composer Heitor Pereira, the genius behind the “Despicable Me” films’ iconic scores, takes a character-centric approach to his compositions. “Believe it or not, I wait until every new character sings their melodies to me,” Pereira says. “I hear their music through their voices, the rhythm of their dialogue, their extreme personalities, and how they interact with other characters. When you write for one character, you have to think about all the others – it’s about how this melody can coexist and interact with the melodies of everybody else. Animation can be very intricate. My job is to make it sound like the music was born with it!”

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Pereira’s collaboration with Grammy Award-winner and Oscar® nominee Pharrell Williams has been pivotal in shaping the musical identity of the franchise. Williams’s original songs, like “Despicable Me,” “Happy,” and “Just A Cloud Away,” have become emblematic of the “Despicable Me” brand.

“In the first movie, we worked very closely together,” Pereira says. “Hans Zimmer introduced me to him and asked if I would do an arrangement of the girls’ theme. I put my heart into it, showed it to them the next morning, and I got a gig and a new musical friend! He came to my studio many times, and we had a lot of fun. Since then, he writes his great songs, and I write the score. Even though I create new themes for new characters, Pharrell’s original themes are still there – like the girls’ theme or Gru’s theme, which we collaborated on. I wrote the Minions’ theme. But, like him, I come from pop music, so my love for songs never goes away. I see the score as a massive song! In doing that, Pharrell is ever-present.”

“Despicable Me 4” will feature a new original song from Williams, reflecting Gru’s double life in the film. “Gru is trying to live in peace in American suburbia, yet has to uproot his family to go on the run from his new enemies,” Williams says. “His family starts to catch on despite his efforts to hide the danger. The song is about struggling with keeping his identity as a secret agent while wanting to be honest with his family.”

Williams’s partnership with Illumination and Pereira has enriched the “Despicable Me” franchise’s musical landscape. “Our goal is to connect with humans, building on themes and situations that resonate with most people,” Williams says. “We try to do it vividly and harmoniously. I remain a student and learn so much from Heitor every time we collaborate. He is a genius composer, a creatively articulate guitar player, a shining Brazilian talent.”

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In “Despicable Me 4,” Gru’s (Steve Carell) life is turned upside down with the arrival of his and Lucy’s (Kristen Wiig) new baby, expanding his role to a father of four and a dedicated AVL agent. While on a mission with the fan-favorite minions, Gru comes face to face with the villain Maxime Le Mal (Will Ferrell) and his femme fatale girlfriend Valentina (Sofia Vergara), forcing the family to go on the run.

Packed with non-stop action and filled with Illumination’s signature subversive humor, “Despicable Me 4” is now showing in cinemas nationwide. #DespicableMe4PH

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