Check Out Nikitaa’s Bold New Single “Pillow Prince” in a Queer-Coded Universe

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June 21st, 2024 marks the electrifying release of “Pillow Prince,” the latest single from R&B Pop singer-songwriter Nikitaa. Known for her daring exploration of identity and innovative soundscapes, Nikitaa takes on multiple roles in this project as co-writer, co-producer, and the visionary behind the track’s mixing and mastering.

“Pillow Prince” emerges as a hypnotic electro R&B club anthem that challenges and redefines traditional gender roles. Infused with Bollywood-inspired jazz vocal elements, the track’s title cleverly twists the term “pillow princess,” injecting masculine energy into its narrative. This fresh perspective on sexuality and power dynamics unfolds within a moody and mesmerizing sonic landscape, inviting listeners into a darkly sensual, queer-coded universe.

Nikitaa’s distinctive touch is evident throughout the song, from the intricate auditory experience crafted through sampled vocals to the meticulously constructed melody that blends assertiveness with charm. The bridge, driven by vocal samples, stands out as a testament to the artist’s innovative approach to production.

Lyrically, “Pillow Prince” is a treasure trove of witty double entendres and vivid imagery, showcasing Nikitaa’s unapologetically queer perspective. The song effortlessly transcends conventional boundaries, celebrating Nikitaa’s demisexuality and fluid identity in every pulsating beat and lyric. The meticulous mixing and mastering create a 360-degree sonic journey, enveloping listeners in a rich tapestry of synths, 808s, bass, drums, and electric guitar.

Drawing inspiration from icons like Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Travis Scott, and Frank Ocean, Nikitaa seamlessly weaves these influences into “Pillow Prince,” amplifying its mesmerizing appeal. This single not only underscores Nikitaa’s commitment to pushing musical boundaries but also explores complex themes with creativity and finesse. It marks Nikitaa’s fifth release of 2024, following the success of “Delirious Summer,” “Elevator,” “Heaven,” and “Godless,” which were featured in Rolling Stone’s “Songs You Need To Know” roundup.

Born and raised in India and now based in Los Angeles, Nikitaa infuses her music with ethereal Pop/R&B influences and draws deeply from her South Asian heritage, crafting what she terms “Goddess Pop” — music that celebrates gender fluidity and emotional expression. As a genderfluid demisexual artist who predominantly uses they/them pronouns, Nikitaa continually emphasizes the importance of representation and inclusivity in the music industry.

With nearly 6 million combined YouTube views and Spotify streams, Nikitaa’s music has resonated globally. Her singles, such as “Majesty,” have earned placements on New Music Friday playlists worldwide, solidifying her status as a rising star in the industry. Throughout 2023, Nikitaa explored themes of vulnerability and strength in singles like “Scheming,” “On My Own,” “Peter Pan,” “Throne,” “Daddy Era,” and “Truman Show,” receiving accolades from Rolling Stone India, Radio One India, and Ones To Watch playlists.

Beyond her solo work, Nikitaa’s prowess as a songwriter extends to collaborations with artists such as Trophy Boy, Srushti Tawde, RIKA, Aastha Gill, Munawar Faruqi, and Robica. With an EP on the horizon for 2024, Nikitaa promises to captivate listeners with her genre-bending approach and incorporation of Indian and Middle Eastern instrumentation.

As Nikitaa continues to push boundaries and evolve her musical style, inspired by artists like Beyoncé and Jon Bellion, 2024 is poised to be a groundbreaking year. Stay tuned for more from this visionary artist who is redefining the future of pop music.

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