Thousands Flock to Puregold QI Central as “Nasa Atin ang Panalo” Ticket Sales Begin

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Hey there, Puregold fans! Puregold Qi Central is buzzing with excitement today as thousands of super eager fans swarm in, hoping to snag tickets for the much-anticipated “Nasa Atin ang Panalo” Thanksgiving Concert on July 12th, 7 p.m. at the Araneta Coliseum.

You can feel the thrill in the air as folks from all over gather, forming massive lines on this first day of ticket selling. It’s clear just how much love there is for Filipino music and the concert’s amazing headliners: the sensational girl group BINI, the chart-topping P-Pop boy band SB19, the talented rapper Flow G, and the ever-popular band SunKissed Lola, who will be delivering a special performance just for this event.

Music fans looking to secure tickets to the concert came out in droves to Puregold Qi
Central as early as the day before the selling date.
Fans were spotted lining up outside Puregold hours before the ticketing event was set
to commence.

The sheer number of people at Puregold Qi Central today shows just how excited everyone is for the Thanksgiving Concert, which promises to be a spectacular showcase of Filipino talent. Puregold knew this would be huge – after all, Blooms, A’Tin, Dolores, and Flow G followers have been buzzing on social media ever since the concert was announced.

This concert celebrates phenomenal Pinoy music and the inspiring success stories behind it. It is part of Puregold’s big celebration of reaching 500 stores in its 25th year. Puregold marketing manager Clinton Ching is just as thrilled, saying, “We are overwhelmed that we are able to present this one-of-a-kind event that will bring together powerhouse talents to so many Filipinos and ka-Puregolds.”

Fans posing with cutouts of their favorite artists.
One fan poses with the groceries she purchased to claim a ticket for the “Nasa Atin
ang Panalo” concert.

If you missed out on today’s ticket-selling frenzy, don’t worry! Puregold knows there will be even more fans clamoring for tickets. Ching adds, “For those unable to attend today’s ticket-selling event, additional selling days will be announced. Stay tuned to Puregold’s official social media channels for updates and further information on upcoming ticket-selling days.”

So, keep your eyes peeled and get ready for more chances to join the fun!

After purchasing their groceries, fans could turn in their receipt to claim a ticket to the
Lucky fans posing with their tickets for the upcoming Puregold thanksgiving concert.

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