Get in touch with your wild side as DreamWorks Animation reveals a new trailer for “The Wild Robot”

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When the robot Roz, known affectionately as ROZZUM unit 7134, crash-lands on a remote island far from civilization, their programmed world is about to change. Stranded and alone, Roz must learn to survive in the untamed wilderness, forging unexpected bonds with the island’s diverse animal inhabitants. Amidst this struggle for survival, Roz unexpectedly becomes a parent to an orphaned gosling, discovering a capacity for empathy and care beyond their original programming.

Prepare for an unforgettable journey with “The Wild Robot,” based on Peter Brown’s acclaimed #1 New York Times bestseller. Watch the thrilling trailer here.

Featuring a star-studded cast including Lupita Nyong’o as the resilient robot Roz, Pedro Pascal as the cunning fox Fink, Catherine O’Hara as the wise opossum Pinktail, Bill Nighy as the gentle goose Longneck, Kit Connor as the endearing gosling Brightbill, and Stephanie Hsu as the enigmatic robot Vontra, this epic adventure brings to life the wonders of adaptation, friendship, and the unexpected joys of parenthood.

Directed by DreamWorks Animation, “The Wild Robot” promises a heartwarming tale of resilience and connection. Get ready to experience this extraordinary journey when it opens in Philippine cinemas on October 9.

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Photo and video credit: Universal Pictures International

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