NERIAH Releases “First Time” Single and Teases New Album

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NERIAH, the breakout singer/songwriter, is stepping into a vibrant new chapter with the release of her highly anticipated sophomore album, marked by the debut single “First Time.” Listen to the track here.

Embracing a fresh, independent outlook, NERIAH bids farewell to her melancholic ballads and ushers in her “Lover Girl” era with a refined, softer aesthetic adorned in pastel hues. Her upcoming album promises to showcase a more empowered and joyous side of NERIAH, reflecting on what she describes as the happiest phase of her life.

“First Time,” an 80’s-inspired synth-pop anthem, captures the essence of falling deeply in love, evoking nostalgia for those unforgettable moments that set hearts racing. Premiered during the final show of Madison Beer’s tour, the track marks the beginning of this exciting new musical journey for NERIAH.

In her own words, NERIAH shares, “I wrote this song about that feeling of being so in love that every moment feels like the first time. It’s a celebration of those magical firsts – from high school dances to first kisses and beyond. Consider this the anthem of your Lover Girl era!”

NERIAH’s fans can look forward to more announcements soon, including the album title and dates for her upcoming headlining tour this Fall. Stay tuned for updates!

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NERIAH is a singer/songwriter renowned for infusing raw honesty into her music, encapsulating life’s highs and lows with authenticity. With acclaim from Rolling Stone, Zane Lowe, and a strong presence on Spotify with over 1 million monthly listeners, NERIAH’s influence spans globally. She has garnered praise from peers like SZA and Halsey, and is set to open for Jillian Rossi on her EU/UK tour this summer.

Her previous singles have resonated strongly across Southeast Asia, topping charts in key markets such as the Philippines (#4), Indonesia (#7), and Malaysia (#8), underscoring her burgeoning popularity and deepening connection with listeners worldwide.

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