Japanese Producer Aiobahn collaborates with Isekaijoucho on 4th Major-label

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Japanese music producer and DJ Aiobahn has unveiled his highly anticipated fourth major-label single, ‘new world feat. Isekaijoucho’, marking a significant leap in his musical journey. The track, released digitally on June 12th, 2024, showcases Aiobahn’s innovative blend of EDM with Japan’s vibrant subculture influences.

Aiobahn, born in Japan in 1996, has established himself as a boundary-pushing artist with a distinct “Aiobahn sound” that transcends genres. His earlier hit, ‘INTERNET YAMERO’, became a viral sensation with over 48 million YouTube views and widespread adoption on TikTok, solidifying his position in the digital music landscape. Following his major-label debut with ‘Re: searchlight’ featuring Nagi Yanagi, Aiobahn continued to captivate audiences with collaborations like ‘Shiawaseni nante naranaide feat. Nanawo Akari’ and ‘non-reflection feat. Yui Makino’, each highlighting his versatility and creative prowess.

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‘new world feat. Isekaijoucho’ represents a new chapter for Aiobahn, teaming up with Isekaijoucho, known for her role as a “virtual dark singer” associated with KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO. The track blends Isekaijoucho’s powerful, ephemeral vocals with Aiobahn’s signature sound, characterized by intricate electronic textures and a danceable groove. Penned by KOCHO, renowned for his anime songwriting, the lyrics add depth, exploring themes of introspection and forward-thinking worldview.

The accompanying music video, directed by HuMuu and premiered simultaneously on YouTube, merges live action with animation. It pays homage to 2000s internet culture, enhancing the song’s narrative and visual appeal. Fans eagerly anticipated this collaboration, as evidenced by enthusiastic responses across social media platforms before the release, celebrating the synergy between Aiobahn and Isekaijoucho.

Wednesday, June 12 release: Aiobahn ‘new world feat. Isekaijoucho’: http://avex.lnk.to/newworld 

As Aiobahn continues to push creative boundaries, his influence extends beyond the EDM scene, bridging subculture aesthetics with mainstream appeal. His global recognition includes releases on prestigious labels like HEXAGON and Bitbird, affirming his stature as a versatile producer capable of navigating diverse musical landscapes.

For those following Aiobahn’s musical evolution, ‘new world feat. Isekaijoucho’ serves as a testament to his ongoing innovation and commitment to crafting immersive sonic experiences. As he prepares for upcoming events and releases, Aiobahn remains a compelling figure at the forefront of Japan’s music scene and beyond.

Stay tuned for Aiobahn’s upcoming events and releases as he continues to shape the future of music.

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