Cigarettes After Sex Unveils Mesmerizing New Single ‘Tejano Blue’ + Asia Tour 2025

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Cigarettes After Sex has unveiled their latest LP, titled ‘X’s’, scheduled for release on July 12 via Partisan Records. Accompanying the album announcement is news of a global tour spanning into 2025, with stops in Asian cities including Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Jakarta, and Bangkok, as well as performances at prestigious venues like Madison Square Garden and London’s O2 Arena.

Filled with evocative, sometimes provocative vignettes set against entrancing, slow-burn pop melodies, band leader Greg Gonzalez delves deep into the emotions inspired by a single relationship spanning four years. Reflecting on the album’s central theme, Gonzalez acknowledges its rawness, stating, โ€œThe record feels brutal. I have to really write about it, sing about it, have the music, and then I can start to analyze and learn from it. Or just relive itโ€”in a good way.”

While maintaining classic pop song structures, Gonzalez explores new sonic territories, shifting away from the ’50s and ’60s influences to embrace a ’70s/’80s slow dance vibe. The result is an energy reminiscent of disco ball-refracted tears on the dance floor. The album’s lead single, โ€œTejano Blueโ€, pays homage to Gonzalez’s Texas upbringing, blending elements of Tejano music with the band’s signature sensual, timeless sound.

Gonzalez’s creative process is rooted in preservation, catharsis, and deep self-reflection, allowing him to navigate intense experiences and personal growth through his art. Despite remaining elusive figures with no music videos and monochromatic artwork, Cigarettes After Sex has garnered a massive global following, becoming one of the most streamed artists on platforms like Spotify and TikTok.

Their enigmatic persona, coupled with their evocative music, creates an atmosphere of intimacy and connection, inviting fans to share in their musical journey like an illicit secret. As they continue to ascend to new heights of success, Cigarettes After Sex remains a beacon of authenticity in an era dominated by overexposure and hype.

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Cigarettes After Sex: Asia Tour 2025

9 Jan 2025 / HK / Hong Kong / Asia World-Expo, Hall 5 

11 Jan 2025 / MY / Kuala Lumpur / Sunway Lagoon 

14 Jan 2025 / PH / Manila / MOA Arena 

17 Jan 2025 / ID / Jakarta / Beach City International 

21 Jan 2025 / TH / Bangkok / Impact Exhibition Hall 5

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