Elusive Artist Plain Mister Smith Unveils New Single “Grade Five and the Ax” Featuring Findlay Brown

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With the release of his latest single, “Grade Five and the Ax” featuring Findlay Brown, enigmatic musician Plain Mister Smith continues to captivate listeners with his distinctive blend of indie-folk. Out on February 9th via Popoganda Records, the track showcases Plain Mister Smith’s trademark wit and introspective lyricism, complemented by Findlay Brown’s soothing vocals.

Formerly known for his work as a guitarist for the Canadian Electronic band Moev, Plain Mister Smith has since transitioned into a cellist for the Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra, showcasing his versatility as a musician. Garnering praise from publications such as CLASH Mag, NOTION Mag, Under The Radar Mag, Earmilk, NOCTIS Mag, METAL Mag, and Atwood Mag, Plain Mister Smith has carved out his own niche in the indie-pop landscape.

The genesis of Plain Mister Smith’s musical journey remains shrouded in mystery, with the artist’s persona characterized by an enigmatic allure. Physically based between Vancouver and London, Plain Mister Smith’s ethereal presence adds to the intrigue surrounding his music, setting him apart in the indie-pop scene.

“Grade Five and the Ax” weaves a tale of reminiscence, with the interplay between acoustic guitar, rhythmic drums, and lilting vocals creating an immersive musical experience. The track takes listeners on a journey through childhood memories, with Plain Mister Smith reflecting on the antics of youth and the blurred lines between reality and imagination.

In Plain Mister Smith’s own words regarding “Grade Five and the Ax”: “Kids get up to crazy things. A blurry memory of getting drunk in the woods in Grade Five while a friend swung an axe around, and maybe at some point believing the Ax has splintered me in twoโ€ฆ”

Experience the mesmerizing sounds of Plain Mister Smith’s latest single, “Grade Five and the Ax,” and delve into the introspective world of this enigmatic artist.

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