Deniece Pearson ‘EVOLUTION X’ Single Out Now

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Deniece Pearson ‘EVOLUTION X’, renowned 80s icon, tantalizes fans with a preview of her upcoming album ‘Free-Queen-See’ with the release of her dynamic new single ‘EVOLUTION X,’ along with accompanying remixes.

Shifting away from her recent reggae-infused tracks, Deniece Pearson ‘EVOLUTION X’ marks her return to the pop genre that initially catapulted her to stardom. Co-written with the acclaimed American songwriter Holly Lamar, known for hits like Faith Hill’s ‘Breath,’ and produced by Pert Makela and RauliEskolin, Deniece Pearson ‘EVOLUTION X’ represents a significant musical departure. The title itself embodies Deniece’s ongoing personal evolution as an artist, now forty years into her illustrious career. It’s a bold declaration of intent; Deniece is back, and she means business.

In Deniece’s own words, “My evolution is mine. It’s about the choices we make in our lives, our impact on ourselves, and our planet. It’s a matter of mind over matter; we have the power to shape our destiny. This track holds a special place in my heart; it’s one of my favorites.”\

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In 2023, Deniece celebrated four decades in the industry with the release of new music and sold-out performances, including two shows at Pizza Express Live in London. As a Brit Award winner, Grammy nominee, and lead singer of the iconic pop group FIVE STAR, Deniece achieved unparalleled success with over 20 top thirty UK singles, including chart-toppers like ‘System Addict’ and ‘The Slightest Touch.’

Despite taking a career hiatus to focus on raising her children, Deniece made a triumphant return to the stage, garnering acclaim for her performances in productions like ‘Thriller Live’ and ‘Respect La Diva.’ Her international presence was solidified with memorable performances, including a show-stopping appearance at the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

Deniece’s appearance on BBC1’s The Voice in 2012 opened new opportunities, including a chance to support The Jacksons on their UK tour. Her commitment to social causes was evident in her heartfelt tribute to Nelson Mandela with the release of ‘Rafiki Yangu’ in 2013, dedicated to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.

Following the success of her debut solo album ‘Imprint’ in 2014, Deniece continued to captivate audiences, collaborating with DJ and producer Sigala on the chart-topping hit ‘Easy Love.’

Deniece Pearson’s enduring influence on the music industry is undeniable, and ‘Evolution X’ serves as a testament to her evolving artistry and unwavering talent. Listen to Deniece Pearson ‘EVOLUTION X’ now.

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