Meet the Lisa Frankenstein Cast and Characters

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Curious about one of the movies the Philippines has been waiting for? In this blog post, you will get to meet the Lisa Frankenstein cast and characters. Lisa Frankenstein is a unique horror romance film set in 1989. It is directed by Zelda Williams and stars Kathryn Newton, Cole Sprouse, and Liza Soberano.

In a cinematic journey that promises laughter, screams, and a touch of romance, “Lisa Frankenstein” introduces a unique blend of characters set to captivate audiences this Valentine’s season. Directed by Zelda Williams, the film is a testament to the singular voice of screenwriter Diablo Cody, known for infusing personality into her characters.

Williams, who expressed deep admiration for Cody’s writing, particularly cites the clarity with which characters are defined. Having previously auditioned for Cody’s work in “Juno,” Williams appreciates the strong flavor choices that make characters instantly recognizable and memorable.

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Set against the backdrop of 1989, “Lisa Frankenstein” revolves around Lisa Swallows (Kathryn Newton), a 17-year-old navigating the challenges of a new school and life following her mother’s death and her father’s swift remarriage. Amidst the chaos, Lisa discovers solace in an abandoned cemetery, where she inadvertently reanimates the corpse of a young man from 1837, played by Cole Sprouse. Driven by a sense of obligation, Lisa embarks on a quest to breathe life back into her long-dead companion.

Lisa Frankenstein Cast and Characters:

To delve deeper into the characters that promise to make this film an unforgettable experience, let’s explore the key personalities:

Lisa Swallows (Kathryn Newton): Lisa is a 17-year-old misfit who grapples with self-consciousness and withdrawal, making it challenging to fit in with any social group. Having experienced the trauma of her mother’s murder, Lisa becomes a character who prefers silence, avoiding attention at all costs. Newton describes Lisa as a girl who believes she doesn’t matter much, reflecting the emotional scars she carries.

Lisa Frankenstein Cast and Characters

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The Creature (Cole Sprouse): The Creature, the corpse unintentionally brought back to life by Lisa, is a professional pianist who took his own life after a romantic rejection. Retaining 19th-century manners and etiquette, the Creature transforms from a hopeless romantic into an undead gentleman. Sprouse explains that over time, the Creature realizes his deep love for Lisa, making him her protector in the afterlife.

Taffy (Liza Soberano): Taffy, Lisa’s kind and popular stepsister, contrasts the stereotypical “mean girl” archetype. Empathetic, earnest, and naturally perfect, Taffy welcomes Lisa into her family with open arms, playing a supportive role in helping her fit in. Cody expresses a personal fondness for Taffy, highlighting her as a favorite character.

Lisa Frankenstein Cast and Characters

Janet (Carla Gugino): Janet is Taffy’s narcissistic mother, who dotes on her own daughter while displaying endless disapproval of Lisa. Living in her own curated world, Janet sees herself as the hero of her story, unable to fathom why Lisa wouldn’t want to be part of her perfect family.

Dale (Joe Chrest): Lisa’s father, Dale, assumes a passive role, doing little to intervene on his daughter’s behalf. Described as a “checked-out dad” by producer Mason Novick, Dale is oblivious to the events unfolding, contributing a humorous yet less involved dynamic to the storyline.

Lisa Frankenstein Cast and Characters

Michael Trent (Henry Eikenberry): Michael, Lisa’s crush described as an “intellectual punk dreamboat,” displays an odd fascination with her. However, Eikenberry emphasizes that Michael is clueless about Lisa’s romantic feelings, adding a layer of complexity to their dynamic.

That’s it for the Lisa Frankenstein cast and characters. As “Lisa Frankenstein,” directed by Zelda Williams and distributed by Universal Pictures International, prepares to hit cinemas on February 7, just in time for Valentine’s Day, audiences can anticipate a humorous, gory, and undead horror romance. Follow Universal Pictures Ph on Facebook and universalpicturesph on Instagram for the latest updates on this cinematic delight. #LisaFrankensteinPH

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