South Korean Bedroom Pop Sensation PEACH LUFFE Drops Enchanting Single “Quite Like You”

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South Korean-born bedroom pop artist PEACH LUFFE, now based in Toronto, unveils his latest single, “Quite Like You.” Known for his dreamy pop soundscapes, Peach Luffe explores themes of vulnerability and self-disclosure in this introspective track. LISTEN HERE.

In describing the song, PEACH LUFFE shares, “Being open and vulnerable to the core has always been difficult for me. I finally met someone with whom I wanted to share everything. All of my ups and downs, and all of my flaws. But Iโ€™m afraid if I am that open with someone, what if Iโ€™m a burden, and it all comes crumbling down on me?”

“Quite Like You” is the follow-up to PEACH LUFFE’s smooth indie-pop single, “Say It Back,” where Jong’s soulful vocals and violin expertise were showcased over jazz-infused full-band instrumentation.

PEACH LUFFE is the brainchild of Jong Lee, a classically trained violinist with roots in Seoul, South Korea, who is now based in Toronto and has rapidly gained attention for his daydream-worthy pop creations. The project began as a solo endeavor in Lee’s bedroom during the pandemic and has evolved into a full band, featuring various collaborators and even Lee’s feline companion, Mango.

Jong, inspired by his love for peaches and the manga One Piece’s main character, Luffy, has captivated audiences with his dreamy and ethereal sounds. With a string of releases in under four years, including the first EP ‘Shimmer’ (2020), debut album ‘Everything is Peachy’ (2022), and four additional EPs, Peach Luffe has garnered a substantial following in Toronto and Southeast Asia.

PEACH LUFFE’s popularity extends globally, with top streaming markets in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan. He holds the #1 spot among his Instagram followers in Indonesia and #2 among his TikTok followers in the Philippines.

Having received early support from global influencers like CBC and Atwood Magazine, Peach Luffe’s single “Shimmer” has been featured in Korean advertisements and the 2022 film Swearing Jar. He is also a confirmed artist for SXSW 2024, solidifying his position as a rising star in the international music scene.

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