10 Types of GrabCar Passengers Based on Your Favorite Pop Culture Characters

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Every day a great day to be alive in Davao. Eversince the pandemic wind down, Davao City is kickin’ again–from daily office work, weekend night life parties, family food dinners, business errands, coffee and chill barkada bonding, and limitless shopping, DavaoeƱos have a lot of purpose to go out of their homes, especially now that the holidays is just around the corner.

An what’s more perfect about it is that GrabCar is now in Davao, and everyone’s thrilled to book the ride-hailing app for a smoother, faster, cleaner, and safer ride to any destination in the city. There are around 200 GrabCars so far, and the drivers are very excited to see the types of passengers they might encounter daily.

In this article, we showcase ten interesting and diverse passengers based on popular TV/movie characters and even real-life personalities. Who among them can you relate to the most?

1. The Chatty Cathy

Similar to Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the City,” this passenger loves to chat, share stories, and make new friends during the ride.

GrabCar offers shared rides, and this passenger might become chummy with the driver and her fellow passengers. Believe me, I encountered someone who shared her love life in a GrabCar ride from Mandaluyong to BGC! The driver was also accommodating, and we each gave her advice about the potential man in her life.

2. The Introvert

Channeling the personality of Eleven from “Stranger Things,” this passenger prefers a quiet, headphone-clad journey, lost in their own world.

Great news to introverts out there! GrabCar has an option to choose a quiet ride. They made this sure so that you can have the peace you’ve always wanted. Even when you’re hailing with a bored and talkative GrabCar driver, they have no choice but to focus on the road.

3. The Foodie

Much like the animated character Remy from “Ratatouille,” this passenger is always on the hunt for the best local cuisine and may even request a stop at their favorite restaurant.

Because of the steady rise of the food and coffee scene in Davao City, GrabCar drivers might encounter many of these types of passengers. There are plenty of food critics and content creators who showcase different restaurants, fast food joints, and local coffee shops in the city. They might even give the drivers a tip on where best to dine.

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4. The Tourist

Similar to Joey Tribbiani from “Friends,” this passenger is excited and wide-eyed, asking the driver for recommendations and taking photos of everything.

However, most of the time, tourists don’t know the exact location of their destinations. While traveling is fun, it can also be exhausting, especially if taxi drivers take advantage of your cluelessness.

GrabCar is now in Davao!

Whenever I visit Manila or any other city or country, for that matter, I would only ride GrabCar. GrabCar has its own mapping system with the accurate location of any place you want to go. Drivers won’t have to ask you where the route is because they see it on their phones.

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Apart from that, GrabCar’s system instantly calculates your fare from your pick-up point to your destination, so you can see how much you’re paying even before you book the ride. Imagine the breeze. You won’t be stressed out about sudden fare hikes or money extortion.

5. The Party Animal

Think of Barney Stinson from “How I Met Your Mother.” This passenger is all about the nightlife, looking to keep the party going, and often in a rush to the next hotspot.

Davao City’s party scene has risen again. We see several new nightlife bars and old-time favorites reopening. That’s because DavaoeƱos, whether Gen Zs or millennials are young, wild, free, and ready to always get their groove on after a work week.

6. The Eco-Warrior

Inspired by Greta Thunberg, this passenger is all about sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint.

The cars approved by Grab are those released in 2019, so expect less carbon emissions. Grab has also released their three ESG goals, where they promote sustainability and inclusivity for the betterment of the environment and the communities they positively impact.

7. The Geeky Gamer

Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory never runs out of fun facts and geeky games during car rides. If you’re like him, you’re in for a treat. GrabCar drivers are trained to be friendly and accommodating, so I’m sure they are always in for a fun fact or even a mind-boggling game.

If you’re a clean freak like Sheldon, worry not. Grab ensures that every car you hail is clean, fragrant, and of the right temperature for your best comfort. I’m sure that these things are not always accommodated by riding regular taxis in the metro these days; you’re lucky if they all have that. But GrabCar has all that; plus, it’s guaranteed safe.

8. The Perfectionist

This passenger, like Sherlock Holmes, has a keen eye for detail, ensuring the route is perfect, the temperature is just right, and the music is to their taste.

As mentioned, GrabCar allows the calculation of routes and fares you should pay to your destination at the onset of your booking. The drivers are friendly, so you may ask them to change the music if it doesn’t suit your fancy.

9. The Boss

Inspired by Annalise Keating from “How to Get Away with Murder,” this passenger is all business, taking calls and discussing important deals throughout the journey.

Like the introvert, there is almost zero correspondence between this passenger and the GrabCar driver, which benefits them. If they have booked the ride properly, they’ll arrive at their destination safely and smoothly.

10. The Chill Comedian

With the humor of Michael Scott from “The Office,” this passenger keeps the ride light and fun, cracking jokes and making the driver’s day. It might even be the other way around. It’s usually drivers who have this humor that can turn a passenger’s stressful day around.

Now, who among the ten characters are you? Try booking GrabCar and see for yourself. Get 50% off your first ride using the code: HULOGNGLANGIT

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