From Sidewalk Jamming to Center Stage: Don’t Miss the Rekta Sa Kalye Music Festival!

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Get ready to dive into the thrilling world of Filipino underground music! It’s not just about small gigs anymore; it’s a movement that’s shaking the entire OPM scene from the streets to the grand concert grounds.

Every big OPM artist you know, they started somewhere. Some of them were hidden in the shadows before they lit up the stage and became stars. It’s a tale of rising from the rough, and it all comes back to Rekta sa Kalye’s humble beginnings. A gang of underground artists came together out of pure love for local hip-hop, and they set the stage on fire.

Back in 2017, Rekta sa Kalye was just a tiny spark in the bustling streets of Edsa. But it didn’t stay small for long. It spread like wildfire across Metro Manila, uniting artists with a shared passion for underground hip-hop. It even reached beyond the city limits, connecting with artists from all around. It all started with streetwear shops, barber shops, and spontaneous performances, leading them to dance floors, fiestas, and bar events.

But that’s not all – Rekta sa Kalye took their act to the streets, surprising people at train stations, making music with portable speakers, and worn-out instruments. A group of underrated artists, they were, but they had big dreams for the hip-hop scene.

And guess what? The likes of Al James, Because, Just Hush, and Kiyo began their journey at Rekta sa Kalye’s busking sessions. These artists started small, but now they’re shining on the grand stage. Even rap legend Gloc9 joined the Rekta sa Kalye journey from the start.

Fast forward, Rekta sa Kalye is leveling up, moving from the streets to a bigger stage. It’s a dream come true for friends who started as buskers and are now on a mission to reach more people through music.

The party’s getting even bigger this November at the Rekta sa Kalye Music Festival. We’re talking 30,000 music lovers coming together for a fusion of Filipino Music – mainstream, hip-hop, and rising stars.

From the get-go, Rekta sa Kalye’s mission was clear: spotlight not just the mainstream artists but also the emerging ones. The upcoming festival aims to give everyone a shot at the spotlight, whether they’re established names or fresh talents in the OPM scene.

And here’s the deal – Rekta sa Kalye is known for its diverse lineup. They’re bringing together nostalgia, trends, and the music you’re jamming to on TikTok. It’s a party for the young and the young at heart.

With elements of street life, fashion, and more, the Rekta sa Kalye Music Festival promises to be your dream Saturday night, all for as low as PHP 688.

Picture this: OPM legends like Rico Blanco, Parokya ni Edgar, Mayonnaise, and Sandwich rocking out on one stage. But that’s just the beginning. There are more incredible acts, from December Avenue to Silent Sanctuary, and even up-and-coming artists who are here to set your soul on fire.

And there’s a surprise guest waiting for you at the CCP Grounds, so expect the unexpected!

But here’s the kicker – you can score the exclusive Hundred Percent x Rekta sa Kalye Collaboration Sneakers when you grab a VIP ticket for just PHP 4,388. With VIP access, those snazzy sneakers, a Tote Bag, RSK Bandana, and some cool stickers, it’s a steal.

Wait, there’s more – you can save up to PHP 2,000 by grabbing those early bird tickets. They’re up for grabs right now at or on the Official Rekta sa Kalye Facebook page.

Get ready to rock, roll, and dance the night away on November 18 – it’s going to be a blast you won’t want to miss! 🎉🎶🕺💃

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