Coke Studio Joins Masskara Festival’s Musical Fun

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Get ready to groove, because Coke Studio Philippines is turning the MassKara festival into the ultimate party bash on October 22! Picture the Sunset Stage on North Capitol Road in Bacolod City, and imagine it transformed into the coolest hub for the most epic celebration.

MassKara Festival in Bacolod City is all about vibrant colors, funky masks, and an infectious energy that sweeps up everyone, locals and tourists alike. It’s famous for its mind-blowing street parties, with MassKaraland taking the cake as the grandest of them all. This festival is Bacolod’s way of showing off its resilience and proudly Filipino spirit.

But this year, we’re breaking the mold as Coke Studio Philippines steps into the spotlight, ready to jam alongside the MassKara festivities. Just like MassKara, Coke Studio is all about celebrating the Philippines’ incredible musical talent. These two powerhouse platforms are coming together to showcase homegrown creativity that resonates worldwide.

The lineup is nothing short of amazing, featuring none other than Popstar Royalty, Sarah Geronimo, and the talented PLAYERTWO from Coke Studio Season 7. They’re joined by local gems like Ferdinand Aragon, the Aire Band, and Mojo Nova. It’s a music festival that perfectly captures the spirit of MassKara: a celebration of culture, talent, and the joy of music. Plus, it’s a testament to the magic of two things that bring people together from all walks of life: music and an ice-cold bottle of Coca-Cola.

Coke Studioβ„’ is all about smashing down borders, letting emerging and established artists collide in a musical explosion. It’s a place where artists can mix sounds from different corners of the world, blend genres, and reach global audiences. In the Philippines, Season 7 is set to be the most epic one yet. We’re not just breaking through geographic barriers, we’re mixing music and movement like never before.

So, mark your calendars for a night filled with music, dancing, and real magic with COKE STUDIO! We can’t wait to see you there!

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