Focused on Mindanao: Morobeats Drops Catchy Hip-Hop Single ‘Kendeng’ on Spotify

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Morobeats, the hip-hop collective hailing from Mindanao, is leaving an indelible mark on the global music scene with their latest Spotify Single, “Kendeng.” This original track is the second in a series of three groundbreaking Filipino hip-hop Spotify Singles, part of the KALYE X initiative by Spotify. KALYE X is about nurturing collaborations among artists, fans, and the community, shining a well-deserved spotlight on Pinoy hip-hop.

Fateeha leading Morobeats in one of the memorable performances of their set. Photo courtesy of Spotify PH.

Under the leadership of DJ Medmessiah, Morobeats proudly represents Zamboanga and the broader Mindanao region. Since their inception in 2014, they have been a formidable presence in the Pinoy hip-hop landscape. The collective boasts an impressive lineup of talented artists, including Miss A, Tha Wizard, Dizzy D of H20 Klann, Prophecee, Malik, Teemo, Naus, Fateeha, JMara, and many more.

DJ Medmessiah starting off Morobeats’ set with his electrifying beats. Photo courtesy of Spotify PH.

DJ Medmessiah couldn’t contain his excitement about this unprecedented milestone, expressing, “We’re proud and excited that the rest of the world will hear ‘Kendeng.’ We’ve been dedicating our music and talent to showcase the rich Mindanaoan culture and share our hip-hop style. This collaboration with Spotify is providing us with that opportunity.”

Kossy Ng, Spotify Asia’s Head of Music, reaffirmed their commitment to amplifying the voices of these artists and celebrating their exceptional talent, along with the stories of Mindanao, through the medium of hip-hop music. Their mission is to empower performers to express themselves freely, engage with their fans innovatively, and connect with new listeners.

Miss A of Morobeats bringing the house down. Photo courtesy of Spotify PH.

Miss A, a female hip-hop artist from Mindanao, underscored the significance of representation and the value of hard work in their journey. She expressed, “As a female hip-hop artist from Mindanao, I am glad and honored that I get to do something that I deeply love. Hopefully, this undertaking inspires more people to continuously hone their talents, keep creating music, and make their voices heard.”

Morobeats’ track ‘Kendeng’ embodies precisely these sentiments. It serves as a testament to the group’s unwavering passion for hip-hop and the relentless spirit of its members in pursuit of their dreams. Through their music, Morobeats inspires listeners to stand resolute in their own endeavors, mirroring the dedication and energy they bring to their craft.

Morobeats. Photo courtesy of Spotify Ph.

Davao joins the KALYE X street party!

I was fortunate to witness the exhilarating Spotify KALYE X concert series, which made its way to Davao City after a successful launch in Cebu. This fantastic event was a collaborative effort between Spotify and Wish 107.5, and it took place at the Davao Global Township.

The evening kicked off with a bang as attendees, including myself, were treated to an exclusive Wishclusive performance by Morobeats, who dazzled the crowd with their latest Spotify Singles track, ‘Kendeng.’ The excitement didn’t end there; shortly after, select fans had the incredible opportunity to meet and greet the talented artists.

Delinquent Society. Image courtesy of Spotify PH.

One of the concert’s highlights was the electrifying KALYE City Xypher, featuring a thrilling 16-bar challenge hosted by Rekta sa Kalye. It was my first time attending a hip hop battle. Davera and BigMac brought their A-game, leading to an epic showdown between the two rappers, ultimately won by BigMac. The night featured a mesmerizing live graffiti showcase by the incredibly talented local street artist Smok from Wadab Locals.

Wolbsgvng. Photo courtesy of Spotify Ph.

Davao’s own hip-hop acts, Delinquent Society and Wolbsgvng took the stage and ignited the crowd with their high-energy performances, including tracks like ‘Yatkape,’ ‘Pipe A Bish,’ and ‘CtrlAltDelete.’ Delinquent Society’s return to the stage after a three-year hiatus made the moment even more special.

The main event of the night was, of course, Morobeats, who captivated the audience with a stellar performance. They treated us to a medley of their hits, including ‘Hunghang,’ ‘Mahal Kong Pilipinas,’ ‘Kayumanggi,’ ‘Sino Ka Ba Talaga?,’ and ‘Atin Ang Gabi.’ To top it all off, they delivered a dynamic live rendition of ‘Kendeng,’ leaving an indelible mark on the night.

As someone who used to be a hip-hop and rap enthusiast, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. To keep the hip-hop vibes going, I’ve been tuning in to the Kalye Hip-Hop playlist for a continuous dose of exclusive content and the finest Filipino hip-hop beats. And the best part? The excitement continues as Spotify’s KALYE X concert series concludes in Manila on October 28th, featuring a highly anticipated three-way collaboration between Gloc 9, Hero, and Ramdiss. For all the latest updates, follow @spotifyph on social media.

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