Album Review: Korean Indie Pop Band ADOY New Release: “Pleasure”

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After a two-year hiatus since the enchanting release of ‘her,’ the Korea-based romantic indie pop band ADOY has made a triumphant return with their long-anticipated album, ‘PLEASURES,’ featuring the mesmerizing title single “Love Is.”

‘PLEASURES,’ a musical tapestry woven with reflections on life’s myriad pleasures and the poignant emotions that follow, boasts a collection of 8 distinct tracks.

From the title track “In Love,” where the calm confession of falling in love unfolds, to the nostalgic journey through youth in “Avenue,” and the dreamy portrayal of an ethereal paradise in “Touch,” the album is a rich tapestry of emotions. Among the gems on this musical treasure trove are “Hack,” a love song serenaded under the Milky Way, and “Model,” a sweet ode to being enamored with an imaginary cartoon character. Meanwhile, “Long Distance Call” and “One Last Song” tenderly depict the nuances of affection, and the album culminates with the final track, “Jet,” encapsulating the endless adventure of life.

While previous ADOY works often resembled floating clouds, ‘PLEASURES’ paints a sonic landscape akin to a beach, bridging the earthly and celestial realms with lush and fuller sounds. Each track on this album is a testament to ADOY’s adept storytelling, expressed through a captivating range of tempos and atmospheres.

Notably, the collaboration with drummer Chuck Sabo, known for his work with Elton John and Pet Shop Boys, as well as the contributions of sound engineers Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone from Sterling Sound in the US, have elevated the album’s sonic maturity to new heights.

With the release of ‘PLEASURES,’ ADOY is set to take their mesmerizing tunes to audiences worldwide, gracing festivals in Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo, and Hamburg. This musical journey will also mark their debut performances in Paris and London, culminating in a prestigious showcase at SXSW in Sydney.

As the band continues to captivate listeners worldwide, it’s no surprise that ADOY’s top 10 streaming markets in Southeast Asia include the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

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