Madd Mark Triumphs in TuneCore’s Rap Up Contest

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Madd Mark Emerges Victorious in Inaugural TuneCore RAP UP Contest, Secures Spot at Asean Music Showcase in Singapore!

“Madd Mark: Championing Individuality and Musical Talent at TuneCore’s RAP UP Event”

Madd Mark’s triumphant victory at TuneCore’s inaugural RAP UP competition was nothing short of remarkable. The Valenzuela native’s winning piece, “Kakaiba,” left an indelible impression on the judges, propelling him to grand champion status at the event held on July 27, 2023, at Urban Gathering 7 at Fin & Claw. With the crown on his head, Madd Mark passionately declared, “Embrace your weirdness!” He emphasized that embracing one’s uniqueness is a powerful path to self-discovery, contributing to a more diverse and vibrant world. This acceptance of self allows individuals to be authentic, genuine, and unapologetically true to themselves, fostering confidence and empowerment that positively impacts both personal lives and creative endeavors.

The evening commenced with Urban Gathering’s open mic segment, where aspiring artists showcased their talents, while the top 6 finalists, including W1LL K, Chello, Namcai, Ty Raquin, Bishnu Paneru, and Madd Mark, anxiously awaited their turn to shine.

RAP UP, introduced in March, marked TuneCore Philippines’ foray into the local hip-hop scene. Partnering with TMP Industries, TuneCore aimed to support independent hip-hop artists, aligning with the Urban Gathering movement. The launch of RAP UP featured masterclasses and workshops, guiding local artists on music uploading via TuneCore. The initiative introduced artists to TuneCore’s versatile UNLIMITED plans, enabling continuous song uploads throughout the year.

Madd Mark emphasized the significance of UNLIMITED plans, stating that they offer artists the opportunity to showcase their creativity through an unlimited number of songs. This knowledge empowers artists to understand their earnings and make informed decisions from the outset of their careers.

A panel of judges from TuneCore, TMP, and the Asean Music Showcase Philippines evaluated monthly winners from April, May, and June, ultimately selecting the six finalists who competed for the chance to perform at the Asean Music Showcase in Singapore.

Following the resounding success of RAP UP and numerous bi-weekly entries, TuneCore is already planning RAP UP 2, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to supporting local artists throughout Southeast Asia. Bong Andres, TuneCore PH Country Coordinator, shared the vision of spreading awareness about TuneCore and making it a top choice for emerging independent musicians. Hip-hop’s burgeoning popularity in the Philippines positions TuneCore as a valuable platform for early-career music distribution.

Madd Mark’s journey as grand champion continues as he prepares to attend the Asean Music Showcase in Singapore in October 2023. Excitingly, he announced the release of his upcoming song, “ALAMIN,” next month, promising listeners a captivating exploration of the concept of “Ikigai,” a Japanese word that encapsulates the essence of finding purpose and fulfillment in life.

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