Jamie Miller Unveils Upcoming EP “Silences Unveiled” Releasing on October 4th

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Debuts Fresh Track “No Matter What”

Renowned across the globe for his contributions to the pop music arena, Jamie Miller is thrilled to announce the forthcoming release of his EP, “Silences Unveiled,” set to drop on October 4th through BMG.

In conjunction with this exciting announcement, Jamie delights his fans with the reveal of his latest single, the second gem from the EP titled “No Matter What.” This release comes hot on the heels of the triumph of his track “Maybe Next Time,” which has already garnered a staggering 30 million streams worldwide across various platforms, including both its original version and alternate renditions. Particularly noteworthy is Jamie’s collaboration with Young K from the South Korean rock sensation DAY6 and the dynamic Filipino vocalist Moira Dela Torre. These artists contributed their unique verses to the featured tracks, further enriching the musical landscape Jamie has masterfully crafted.

The past year has witnessed Jamie Miller navigate an evolution of the self, marked by his confrontations with the fluctuating tides of the music industry, poignant heartbreaks, and a series of challenging experiences. From these trials emerged a resilient Jamie, armed with an unshakable belief in himself and his values. This transformation propelled him to take charge of his destiny, step into independence, revamp his team, sever ties with various associations, and emerge as a revitalized and self-assured individual. Music served as his refuge, allowing Jamie to channel his emotions, pain, and newfound wisdom into a collection of songs that culminate in his latest masterpiece, “Silences Unveiled.”

Each track within the EP unfurls a tapestry of emotions, inviting listeners to join Jamie on a transformative journey of catharsis, empowerment, and captivation. Through this musical odyssey, Jamie aspires to remind all that even in the darkest tunnels, a glimmer of light exists.

Tracklist for the “Silences Unveiled” EP:

  1. Prelude
  2. No Matter What
  3. Vacant Chamber
  4. Rooted in You
  5. Perhaps Another Time
  6. Sole Sanctuary

Introducing Jamie Miller: Originating from modest beginnings in the working-class enclaves of Wales, Jamie Miller ascended to prominence as a singer-songwriter in 2017. Since then, his meteoric rise has been nothing short of extraordinary, boasting a remarkable tally of over 1 billion global streams. His talent has been celebrated by luminaries such as People, Billboard, The Huffington Post, and fellow artists including Kelly Clarkson, P!nk, Sam Smith, Jennifer Hudson, BLACKPINK, and numerous others.

To date, the artist, now based in Los Angeles, has introduced the world to his craft through an EP titled “Broken Memories” (2022) and an array of singles. In 2021, his single “Here’s Your Perfect” catapulted him even further into the limelight, amassing over 300 million streams. The track secured the 100th spot on the Spotify Top 200 and soared to the second position on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart. Notably, it claimed a 13-week tenure on the Billboard Global 200 EX Chart (#106) and enjoyed a two-month stay within the Global Top 100 on YouTube Music (#37).

Mark your calendars for the release of Jamie Miller’s sophomore EP, “Silences Unveiled,” scheduled to grace audiences on October 4th via BMG.

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