“The Wandering Earth II” is a dream come true for Hong Kong megastar Andy Lau

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“The Wandering Earth II” has attracted top talents due to the immense success of its predecessor. Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau, known for his iconic roles in films such as “As Tears Go By,” “House of Flying Daggers,” and “Infernal Affairs,” joins the cast of the film, portraying a scientist in this prequel to the 2019 blockbuster.

Lau’s involvement in the project has brought excitement to both the creative team and fans. At the press conference for “The Wandering Earth II,” Lau expressed his elation, stating that his long-held science fiction dream is finally being fulfilled. He further shared that he still feels deeply connected to his character and is fully immersed in the film’s world, not wanting to wake up from the experience.

With Lau’s remarkable acting skills and on-screen presence, his role as a scientist is anticipated to add depth and intrigue to the story. As the release of “The Wandering Earth II” approaches, audiences eagerly await the chance to witness Lau’s performance and the continuation of this futuristic saga.

While starring in “The Wandering Earth II” was an exciting opportunity for Andy Lau, it also came with its share of challenges, particularly when it came to wearing the spacesuit costume. Lau revealed at the press conference that the suit made it difficult to move and even twist his body. He also shared a creative solution for relieving the itchiness caused by wearing the helmet, using duct tape on the inside of the helmet to rub his face against it.

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In “The Wandering Earth II,” the story revolves around the desperate attempts of humanity to save Earth from the impending destruction of the sun. Enormous engines are built to propel the planet to a new solar system, but the journey is perilous. The survival of humankind rests on the shoulders of a group of brave young individuals who must execute a dangerous operation to save Earth.

Despite the challenges of the spacesuit, the film set itself had a warm and friendly atmosphere, fostering a sense of family among the cast and crew. Veteran Chinese actor Li Xuejian mentioned the extraordinary cohesion of the team during filming, as they all embarked on the ambitious journey of creating a science fiction film.

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The film, set to be released exclusively in cinemas in the Philippines by Warner Bros. Pictures, also features global action icon Wu Jing, who starred in the first film. Wu Jing expressed his sense of accomplishment, noting that the seeds of imagination planted in the first film have now grown and are actively sprouting in the sequel.

“The Wandering Earth II,” released in China and the U.S. in January, has been a massive success, earning USD 604 million at the box office. Its impressive performance makes it one of the highest-grossing movies of the year so far.

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