Rouri404, an emerging artist in the hyperpop genre, has released their debut EP titled ‘chlorine’

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Blending the nostalgic vibes of 2000s emo with futuristic hyperpop melodies, rouri404 has masterfully created a unique and genre-defying musical experience. Recently, Red Bull Records recognized his unmatched sound and announced his signing, coinciding with the release of his debut EP titled ‘chlorine’. The EP consists of three captivating tracks, including the new single “numb,” where rouri’s raw talent and powerful vocal delivery shine through his punchy lyrics. With songs like “motion sick” and the beloved “fisheye,” rouri404 draws inspiration from DIY rap elements and infuses his own brand of pop-punk, resulting in a gritty yet intricately crafted collection. You can listen to the EP here:

rouri404 shares, “I think having fun is the most important part of creating music and ‘chlorine’ reminded me of that over the past year. Going into this EP I wanted to focus heavily on the energy of the tracks and make sure they have huge high moments that seamlessly come back down to a super personal almost nostalgic melancholic feeling. We took a lot of inspiration from early 2000s pop-punk & emo and really just my overall childhood, trying to capture that raw energy and emotion of being a kid who doesn’t know what to do in life.”

With the release of ‘chlorine’, rouri404 aims to leave a lasting impression in Asia and is eagerly seeking opportunities for interviews. He aspires to connect with fans who not only share his deep love for music but also share his ambition to push the boundaries of various genres.

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