Cartoon / Virtual Electro-Rock Band electrOgourmet Breaks Out with Debut Single, ‘OFFSET’

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Hailing from the Philippines, electrOgourmet, an emerging electro-punk, and alternative virtual band, has made their debut with their first single titled ‘OFFSET.’ The band’s aim with this track is to encourage listeners to confront their fears and embrace self-confidence and nonchalance. LISTEN HERE.

‘OFFSET’ is reminiscent of angry girl music from the 90s, a sound that Kat Stratford from “10 Things I Hate About You” would resonate with. Nene’s punky vocals, unapologetic lyrics, and overall angst-filled sensibility of the song position it among other riot grrrl and indie tracks, as recognized by Spotify’s algorithm.

What sets ‘OFFSET’ apart is its infusion of classic rock elements, particularly noticeable in the pre-chorus guitar parts. These elements are influenced by Kre’s childhood memories of listening to bands like The Beatles and Kansas, which adds a unique melodic structure to the song, distinguishing it from typical pop-punk and riot-grrrl compositions.

Each member of electrOgourmet brings diverse influences to the table. Rayms’ creative drumming incorporates elements of grunge and OPM (Original Pilipino Music), resulting in a distinctive and integrated sound showcased in ‘OFFSET’ and their forthcoming releases.

For the visual concept of ‘OFFSET,’ the band drew inspiration from the 90s. Artist Jim Morada brought this vision to life by creating Y2K fashion outfits and backgrounds reminiscent of popular 90s Japanese animated series like Sailor Moon, and Dragon Ball Z. The lyric video for the song complements this nostalgic aesthetic.

electrOgourmet aims to evoke nostalgia in both Gen X and millennial music enthusiasts while also resonating with Gen Z through their appreciation of Y2K and 90s subcultures prevalent today.

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