The ‘Black Knight’ is the savior for the remaining 1% of humanity, soon on Netflix.

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With the release of its first teaser poster, the Netflix show Black Knight has started to gain attention. The series depicts the story of Sa-wol, a refugee, and the renowned courier 5-8 as they confront the omnipotent Cheonmyeong Group in a dystopian Korea. In this version of the country, severe air pollution has rendered it unlivable without the use of an oxygen mask.

Kim Woo-bin as The Black Knight. Image courtesy of Netflix.

In the world of Black Knight, air pollution has reached extreme levels, rendering the environment uninhabitable without the use of oxygen masks. Only 1% of the population has survived the desertification, and the black knights, including the legendary deliveryman 5-8 portrayed by Kim Woo-bin, deliver essential supplies and oxygen to these survivors. This concept has generated excitement among fans since the first-look still of Kim Woo-bin was released in January.

The poster seems to capture the dystopian setting of the series and the harsh reality of a world without air. The discarded oxygen mask and the ruins of high-rise buildings indicate a world that has collapsed due to extreme pollution. The figure of 5-8 walking away from the truck may hint at his role as a savior for the remaining 1% of the population who can survive only with the help of deliverymen like him. Overall, the poster is effective in conveying the tone and setting of the series and generating interest among viewers.

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Korean Cravings: Shop K-Pop, K-Drama, K-Fashion, K-Culture.

It sounds like the cast of Black Knight is quite impressive, with talented actors bringing depth and complexity to their respective characters. Kim Woo-bin’s portrayal of the legendary deliveryman ‘5-8’ is eagerly anticipated by fans, while Song Seung-heon’s role as the heir to the powerful Cheonmyeong Group adds an extra layer of intrigue. Kang You-seok’s character, a boy who dreams of becoming a deliveryman, and Esom’s character as a Defense Intelligence Command major, both seem to have unique perspectives and motivations that will add to the show’s overall narrative.

The Black Knight First Key Visual. Image courtesy of Netflix.

Director Cho Ui-Seok is known for his tightly-knit narrative and cathartic action sequences and he is spearheading the production of Black Knight.

Fans of Kim Woo-bin and dystopian-themed series will surely look forward to the premiere of Black Knight. It is set to premiere in the second quarter of 2023 on Netflix.

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