Filipinos can now enjoy a variety of content on Netflix at a lower subscription cost

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A regional upgrade to certain of Netflix’s subscription tiers was revealed. Starting on February 21, 2023, Netflix users from the Philippines will be able to watch a choice of films and television episodes at a considerably reduced price.

Those currently enrolled in the Basic Plan will now pay monthly dues of PHP 249 (down from PHP 369), and those enrolled in the Standard Plan can now watch their preferred shows for PHP 399 per month (from PHP 459). Owners of the Mobile Plan and Premium Plan will continue to pay the same monthly membership fees, which are PHP 149 and PHP 549, respectively.

Beginning on February 21, 2023, new members who sign up will immediately notice the revised price for the plans. The upgrade will be made available to current members starting with their subsequent paying cycle over the coming weeks. Current subscribers will receive an email notification and a notice in the Netflix app 30 days before the new rates take effect for them. The billing cycle of the particular member will determine the precise timing.

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