Dahan Dahan: A Pinoy Road Trip Playlist

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Looking for driving songs for your next long drive? Well, search no more, because I’ve got you covered with this “not-your-usual-suspects” road trip playlist, featuring independent and lesser known Filipino artists and bands. So buckle up and fuel up your mood with these brilliant homegrown tracks.

“Never the Bright Lights” by Violent Playground
A good road trip song does not always have to be about driving or going somewhere, it could also be an alternative rock anthem from the 90’s that paints a violent imagery of the city.

“Take Me for a Ride” by Smooth Friction
Originally released in 2001, this highly contagious song, from the Cebu-based band Smooth Friction, does not only make your driving smooth, it also makes you want to get a drink afterwards. But remember, don’t drink and drive!

“Roadtrip” by Makatha
This quintessential road trip song about going to the beach and being surrounded by nature is featured in Jon Red’s film “Ang Beerhouse.”

“Lily Pad” by Ethnic Faces
If you’re going out of town for a vacation, this is the perfect song to play as you drive away from hustle- bustle life of the city.

“Masayang Kalungkutan” by Pinwheel
A feel-good song with bitter-sweet lyrics from the original soundtrack album of Peque Gallaga’s “Pinoy Blonde.”

“Palipad Hangin” by The Strange Creatures
This catchy dream-pop song by indie pop band The Strange Creatures, with vocals provided by Megumi Acorda, is best for driving with your window down.

“Save Me from Manila” by The Sleepyheads
From the album Avant Garage: Wreckenroll, this kick-ass track is featured on the dark comedy series “Manilennials.”

“Pure Souls” by Jun Lopito
Whether you are driving hundreds of miles or just heading over to your relatives or friends on the other side of town, you can never go wrong with this tune from Pinoy rock legend Jun Lopito.

“Wag Magalala” by Eggboy
Erning, ihanda mo ang oto! Yes, this undergroud classic, from Diego Mapa’s solo project, is featured on the cult-favorite TV show “Strange Brew.”

“Dahan Dahan” by Triaxis
Written by renowned guitarist Perf de Castro, this 90’s alternative song from the rock trio Triaxis will make you turn up the volume in your car and also remind you, as the title suggests, to slow down a bit.

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