Crayon Cosmos Releases ‘I Feel Like Me Again’ EP

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Crayon Cosmos, a rock band from Jakarta, released their EP debut, I Feel Like Me Again, a collection of five English songs. The group members are Okka Iftinantya Datara, Adhitama Putra Prakarsa, and Cakra. Ersad Abdurrahman Alawi (Drums) and Mahardhika Kevlana (Bass) bring up the till it was fully treated and reborn, the problem of the bitterness of life and sadness. This is also why Crayon Cosmos coined the title, I Feel Like Me Again.

The standout track on this EP is Good Old Days. This song has a lot in common with today’s social setting, where the millennial generation has been concentrating on their goals but longs for the days when they can still spend time with their pals.

This is the point being made by Crayon Cosmos in their song. Adhitama reflects on what he observes in his life through his lyrics.

β€œThis song is about someone who really misses his life when he was young. When he can play with his friends, doing fun and crazy things in any way. Unfortunately, maturity takes it all; her friends are already married and focusing on careers and family. And it happens to me.” said Adhitama, who is often called Cortez.

The other four songs on the I Feel Like Me Again EP are 9th Floor, Toxic, Seeking Out, and I Just Hope You Get Karma I Really Want. For 9th Floor, it was previously released in single format on May 2022.

Crayon Cosmos was responsible for the I Feel Like Me Again EP’s whole creative process. It generally begins with basic music and lyrics created by guitarist Adhitama and singer Okka, which Cakra (Bass) and Ersad (Drums) refine.

β€œUsually, the basic material comes from Adhit and me. Then it will be sweetened later by Cakra and Ersad with musical arrangements. Fortunately for us, Cakra understands audio, and we can make demos at his home, so our flow is like that. And then, I’ll listen to the demo results again so that it fits with the target market.” Okka said.

 Crayon Cosmos’ “faith” is demonstrated by the release of this EP. Additionally, this EP represents Crayon Cosmos’ long-buried musical passion. This was a statement made straight from their manager, Akew.

β€œWhy are we releasing this EP, not being single anymore because we want to let go of our passion for music that has been piling up so much. In addition, we also want to carry out what we believe, that this EP is one way for us to get a ‘diploma’ in the music industry.” said Akew representing Crayon Cosmos.

Crayon Cosmos worked with well-known figures in the music industry to create this EP. Javanese music. As a music producer, there is Hadian from Safari Mimpi. Next is Adams’ Pandu Fuzztoni and Kelompok Penerbang Roket’s Viki, respectively, as the sound engineers.

On October 21, 2022, the I Feel Like Me Again EP will be made available to the general public in audio format on online streaming services. In addition, Crayon Cosmos intends to release a compact disc-based physical record.

Crayon Cosmos is working hard to create graphic pieces for the 5 tracks on the EP that were created in association with Sinema Pinggiran’s Allan Soebakir.

With the publication of this EP, Crayon Cosmos hopefully will continue to release music regularly They vow to truly do excellent work that will be made available to the general population.

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