Marian Rivera’s Top 3 Tips for homemakers & her Shopee Home Essentials

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Home improvement isn’t always simple. Additionally, because there are so many possibilities but little time and money available, sprucing up each room might be difficult. But take it from Marian Rivera, the Shopee Primetime Queen and a practical housewife whose advice on interior design and wallet-friendly must-haves can help you navigate as you make home upgrades without going overboard:

  1. Always set a budget

Setting a budget for everything is still vital to Marian, even with her present rockstar status, especially when she is purchasing her daily necessities. Marian searches for the finest discounts on Shopee just like the majority of us do! Her advice for brand-new homeowners? “Always look for a peg. In that manner, mas makikita mo kung ano yung kailangan mong bilhin, kung anong kulang. [Always look for a peg. In that manner, you’ll see exactly what you need to buy and what’s still missing.]” 

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Would you like to know more about this 7.7? The following Marian’s picks for swak sa budget house additions to your need:

Marian Rivera’s top 3 tips for homemakers plus her Shopee home essentials you need to checkout this 7.7

Have too much clothing yet not enough room? Thanks to its numerous pockets that are ideal for holding tiny objects, this Hanging Closet Organizer is a lifesaver. Additionally, you may hang this in your laundry room, bathroom, or even closet. With the help of this Wall-mounted Rotatable Hook, you can make the most of every available area in your house and place it without causing any damage to your walls. With the aid of this Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser, which also stores toothbrushes to keep your sink organized, you can prevent spilling your toothpaste products. This Refrigerator Storage Box, which features a space-saving design that makes stocking up on supplies faster and more convenient, can help you organize your shopping products.

2. Know your priorities when it comes to decorating your home

The most significant position Marian considers to be is being a mother to her children, giving their needs top priority. Marian is known for playing many roles both on and off-screen. “Mahilig kasi ako mag-ayos-ayos sa bahay lalo na pag walang ginagawa. Syempre first thing na kinoconsider ko is ang safety ng mga anak ko. Syempre bata, maligalig, mahirap namang makatabig-tabig sila or malapit sa disgrasya so I always make sure na kid-friendly ang mga gamit at ayos namin sa bahay. [I love decorating everything in our house especially when I’m not busy. Whenever I decorate, the first thing I consider is the safety of my kids. Since they’re kids, they’re very active and prone to accidents so I always make sure to have a kid-friendly home design.]

If you’re Marian, who likes to keep things secure at home, you might want to have a look at these reasonably priced and family-friendly items on Shopee:

Marian Rivera’s top 3 tips for homemakers plus her Shopee home essentials you need to checkout this 7.7

Have a favorite tumbler that you use constantly? To keep your tumbler safe at all times, this Protective Bottle Sleeve includes a non-slip, anti-scratch, and anti-collision surface. Use this Multipurpose Bath Ladle for your regular household chores, such as watering the plants, washing food in the kitchen, or even for the next time you take the kids to the bathroom. With the aid of this Under Desk Organizer, which you can also use for your home office setting, avoid cluttering dangerous objects that children can access. With the aid of this adorable Cartoon Bottle Opener, which is safe to use in easily opening bottles and jars, avoid any accidents in the kitchen.

3. Choose convenience when shopping for your home necessities

Marian enjoys shopping a lot, and Shopee is where she gets all of her necessities for the house.
Marian reveals what she typically purchases: “I am very fond of kitchenwares; mga ingredients ng kung anu-anong niluluto ko, lalo na minsan of course may mga ingredients na mahirap hanapin sa grocery, so sa Shopee agad ako magchecheck. [I am very fond of kitchenwares; some ingredients are hard to find in the grocery, so I immediately check Shopee for those.]

Want to simplify the cooking process? To enjoy your time in the kitchen more, you could add these reasonably priced things to your shopping cart:

If you enjoy cooking as much as Marian does, pick up this Condiments Organizer to keep your spices neatly organized. These Non-slip Silicone Oven Gloves can be used to grasp and transfer hot things, making cooking enjoyable and safe. You can keep extra ingredients and food products in these Sealed Jar Containers, which are available in several sizes, in place of your plastic containers. With the help of this Multipurpose Kitchen Towel that dries quickly and can be used on kitchenware, you can always keep your cooking area immaculately clean.

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