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Netflix Philippines is releasing Alas Netflix, a self-produced web series in which fans can celebrate their favorite Netflix flicks with their favorite barkadas for the first time. Each episode of Alas Netflix, hosted by none other than our favorite Netflix besties, Jaz Reyes and Pipay, features popular celebrity barkadas playing fun and tough K-variety show-inspired games that will not only test their collaboration and friendship but also their knowledge of Netflix titles. (Hint: Episode 1 is based on a very popular K-zombie series.) The key to winning? Being the biggest Netflix fan.

However, Alas Netflix will debut its first celebrity barkada challenger today, June 14, with P-Pop royalty BGYO, which includes Gelo, Akira, JL, Mikki, and Nate. Watch the premiere episode to see how our favorite Aces of P-Pop handled their very first challenge. Note: Their performance will undoubtedly astound you. At the end of each episode, our contestants will receive exciting rewards (or humorous penalties).

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Cheer for your ultimate biases as they compete to see if they have what it takes to triumph over Netflix’s fascinating challenges. Watch weekly episodes of Alas Netflix every Tuesday at 7:00 PM, on Netflix Philippines’ Youtube channel.

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