Antoine Chambe Releases Debut Album, ‘Riverside’

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On June 3rd, diamond-certified producer Antoine Chambe released his debut album, Riverside, through Roy Music. The captivating track ‘Dangerous (ft Lucas Cozy)’ is featured on the album, and it is backed by an official video made in Los Angeles by César Tresca. The notable track ‘Breathing Underwater,’ which features multi-Grammy-nominated singer Jimmy Burney, as well as the 5 Diamond-certified single ‘Easy Come’ and 1 Gold-certified single ‘Andalusia,’ have contributed to his play count of over 430 million across international and Asian streaming platforms, are also included.

LISTEN: Antoine Chambe – ‘Dangerous (ft. Lucas Cozy)’

WATCH: Antoine Chambe – ‘Dangerous (ft. Lucas Cozy)’

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Antoine Chambe, who was born and raised in Lyon, France, has toured the world as a support act for Kavinsky and in live events with Polo & Pan, C2C, Uppermost, Breakbot, and Thylacine, to mention a few. Riptide Music, a well-known publishing house, label, and music blog, was founded by the producer. The producer draws inspiration from artists such as Duke Dumont, Daft Punk, Kavinsky, Kygo, and Purple Disco Machine when producing his own sound. His latest tune is reminiscent of The Weeknd, Busy P, Kavinsky, and Duke Dumont’s captivating works.

The Riverside LP is excellent for that chilled get-together with friends, exactly as the video for ‘Dangerous’ featuring Lucas Cozy, which perfectly captures this vibe. The album features a variety of songs that highlight Los Angeles’ joyful spirit, as well as some of the producer’s more nostalgic romantic themes we’ve come to know and love. While the album features well-known artists like as Jimmy Burney, Cimo Frankel, and Lucas Cozy, Antoine Chambe makes room for the emerging French scene, fusing the popular with the experimental. Helsa, a young French electro-pop artist, is featured on the tune ‘Deeper Together.’ Juliette Chambe, Antoine’s sister, makes a surprise appearance on the track ‘Imagine’ to complete the album.

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“Riverside is the result of 3 years of work and a 6 months stay in Riverside, CA (USA). In this album, I’ve tried to reunite all my musical tastes with some disco, pop, and electro in order to create a sweet and melodic Californian vibe. The beginning of the album is taking place during the Golden Hour and it ends at ‘Midnight’. All along this album, I had the luck to work with famous artists such as Cimo Frankël, Jimmy Burney… but also with talented upcoming bands (Helsa, Tomode) and even with my little sister Juliette (on ‘Imagine’),” says Antoine Chambe

Riverside LP Tracklist

1. Dangerous (ft. Lucas Cozy)

2. Do U Ever (ft. Cimo Frankël)

3. Back Home (ft. Tyler Sjöström)

4. Green Light (ft. Romy Dya)

5. Feel It (feat. Tyler Sjöström)

6. Forget About It (ft. Tomode)

7. Imagine (ft. Juliette Chambe)

8. Over You

9. Deeper Together (ft. Helsa)

10. Easy Come

11. Breathing Underwater (ft. Jimmy Burney)

12. Midnight

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