Catch the Cinco De Mayo Film Fest in FDCP Cinematheques Nationwide

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Cinephiles in the Philippines will be able to see Cinco de Mayo Film Fest thanks to a collaboration between the Embassy of Mexico and the Philippine Film Development Council (FDCP). The Cinco De Mayo Film festival will run from May 5th to May 8th at Cinematheque centers in Manila and other cities in the Philippines like Ilo-ilo, Negros, Davao, and Nabunturan.

One of the world’s most popular Mexican celebrations is going to be celebrated by the Embassy of Mexico and the FDCP. They want to show a small sample of Mexico’s film industry. As there are so many movies to choose from, people of all ages and backgrounds will be able to pick one that will make them want to see more.

Cinco De Mayo Film Fest

Five (5) thought-provoking and award-winning movies from Mexico will be shown at the Cinco de Mayo Film Fest. The films include Maquinaria Panamericana (2016), a film by Joaquin Del Paso, which shows how the death of their boss affects workers in a surreal and interesting way, but they have no job prospects, no retirement fund, and the company is in debt. The film was awarded Best Mexican Film & FIPRESCI Prize at the Guadalajara International Film Festival, Best First Film at the Tucuman Film Festival, and Best Film at the Leyva Film Festival.

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Cinco De Mayo Film Fest will also feature movies about love, like Leona (2018) by Isaac Cherem and Novia Que Te Vea (1993) by GuitaSchyfter. Both films showed the heartbreaking reality of traditional families, where people have to make important decisions about their own lives. These movies show a more emotional side of Mexico’s film industry, and they also show the Filipinos’ love for a story like that.

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Cria Puercos (2018) by Ehecatl Garcia is about the grief of the death of the antagonist’s husband and the absence of her son leave in her life until a piglet comes along. Jorge Leyva’s MΓ‘s Amaneceres (2013), which won the Guanajuato International Film Festival’s Best Debut Award in 2013, is about the lives of two children and how their actions affect each one of them.

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All of the movies will be in Spanish with English subtitles. Cinco De Mayo Film Fest is on a First Come, First Serve basis. There is no charge to get in. For more information, you can go to the site of the Embassy of Mexico,

You may also visit FDCP’s official site,

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