Holden Miller Releases ‘Room 421’

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Indie artist Holden Miller releases ‘Room 421,’ an uplifting musical journey commemorating the night he and his girlfriend fell in love.

“Room 421” by Holden Miller is an upbeat musical journey with catchy lyrics and a high-energy, serotonin-releasing post-chorus. Holden examines the ephemeral – but intense – emotions that come with falling in love with someone, in this case, his girlfriend Madeline, who is also a recording artist.
On both of their social media profiles, their relationship is clearly documented.

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“‘Room 421′ is an indie pop/rock song that follows the story of falling in love with my girlfriend in a hotel room, and how this newfound infatuation triumphs over my daily anxieties.” He kept the production close to home, as it was “produced by [his] friend and fellow artist, Walkabout.” He continues, “it’s really nice to write a happy song for a change,” says Holden about the track.

Holden Miller has a more careful approach to the people and situations around him than others.
This piece is a memoir in the sense that he is able to recall this incident in such detail and properly convey this emotion. ‘Room 421’ is another piece on Holden’s repertoire where the listener may experience an epiphany when they discover he’s unpacked an emotion they’re all too familiar with, but in his own quirky and unique style.

Listen to “Room 421” on all streaming platforms here, or see the music video below, which is a brilliant powerpoint-style breakdown of the song with unique references sprinkled throughout.

Holden tried playing the piano as a child, but he fell in love with the guitar after being inspired to play by his older brother. The guitar is at the forefront of Room 421. All of Holden’s work shows how much he loves music. Whether it’s a TikTok post or his most recent heartfelt album, his sincerity and passion for this art form always shine through. With a lot of attention from New Music Friday and other big editorial playlists for his last two albums, this song is the perfect upbeat transition from winter to spring: the season of new beginnings.

For more information on Holden Miller and his music, visit holdenmillermusic.com, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook.

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