Elegant Soulful Duo ELIS NOA Share ‘Weights’ Single & Video

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ELIS NOA, an elegant soulful duo, released their latest track, ‘Weights,’ on April 1st via Las Vegas Records, along with a lovely live video. The track comes after the release of ‘I Don’t Like It Here’ and ‘Make Me Think Of You,’ which are all featured on the duo’s upcoming sophomore album. The duo has toured Europe and previously collaborated with Marco Kleebauer (Leyya and Bilderbuch) and Max Walch (Left Boy and Bilderbuch).

WATCH: ELIS NOA – ‘Weights’ video LISTEN: ELIS NOA – ‘Weights’  Stream/ download: ‘Weights’

With support from well-known international publications such as Tonspion, Metal Magazine, NBHAP, Glamglare, Music Export, and Everything Is Noise, to mention a few, as well as FM4 and Oe1, ELIS NOA have amassed over 1.1 million plays across platforms.


Aaron and Elisa, who are both currently residing in Vienna, Austria, make up the duet. The two met while studying at Vienna’s Music University’s Jazz Department. ELIS NOA has released two EPs, High EP and Love Letters, as well as their critically acclaimed debut album, What Do You Desire?

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ELIS NOA’s sound is diverse, ranging from pop to current RnB to future soul. Emilie Nicolas, Jacob Banks, Jordan Rakei, Frank Ocean, Jazmine Sullivan, and Oliver Malcolm are among the artists who have influenced the duo. Their sound, on the other hand, is reminiscent of Billie Eilish, Lana Del Rey, Jordan Rakei, and Jacob Banks.

ELIS NOA’s style is soulful, with honest and real lyrics layered with subtle touches of exquisite tones that give the experience surprising depth. ‘Weights’ finds a happy medium between somber and hopeful, with a hint of the unavoidable woven into the melody.

“Our latest single, ‘Weights’ is a song about indecisiveness and struggle. You want the other to be close to you but you constantly feel drained because of their avoidant behavior and how they make you feel by pushing you away. ‘Weights’ shows feelings of warmth but also the inner fight that even though you’d be willing to give your all, it’ll never be reciprocated,” says the duo. 

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