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CNA’s ‘Beyond the Viral Video’ Discusses the Effects of Social Media

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Only a few of us would admit that we’re addicted to social media. And yes, social media addiction is real. Consuming content and getting likes produces endorphins in our brains. The endorphins, or feel-good hormones are temporary, so in order to get another boost, we turn to social media again.

Social media addiction is rarely discussed in the cute cat videos, senseless (and witty) memes, rubbish viral videos, and other trending content we mindlessly scroll through on our favorite social media platforms. But like drugs or sweets, it will be too late to realize that it already affects us significantly. It shapes our perception; it changes our minds regarding a particular issue, and it also raises crucial security problems. In short, it may harm us more than it benefits us.

Channel News Asia CNA’s new special program entitled, Beyond the Viral Video showcases how Social Media impacts viewers/subscribers, content creators, and the actors or subjects themselves. In Beyond the Viral Video, experts worldwide talk about the adverse effects of social media on our social scope, people, and even animals.

The show starts from Saturday, 21 November 2020

SIN/KL/MNL: 9.00pm | BKK/JKT: 8.00pm | DEL: 10.30pm

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Episode 1: Should We Be Afraid of TikTok?

If you recognise this pose, you’ve spent too long on TikTok. But can TikTok trends do more than just start a song and dance craze?

Why is a platform for silly videos banned in the US and India? Why would this impact the livelihoods of the rural populations of India? Is there more to TikTok than we know?

Your average uncle, Daddy Ming beats out celebrities like Benjamin Kheng, Naomi Neo or even Zoe Tay in popularity on TikTok. Find out how TikTok is different from other social media platforms.

Premiere: Saturday, 21 November, SIN/KL/MNL: 9.00pm | BKK/JKT: 8.00pm | DEL: 10.30pm
Encore: Sunday, 22 November, SIN/KL/MNL: 11.00pm | BKK/JKT: 10.00pm | DEL: 8.30pm

Episode 2: Cashing In On Cute

A top Petfluencer can make US%uFFFD10,000 per post. But what are we doing to our animal friends, in our quest for viral fame?

Videos of animals and cute babies seem harmless; but are they really? Beyond the amazement and giggles there is also a dark side to these viral videos.

Meet the man who watches 15,000 cat videos each year. Why do cats trounce dogs in the viral video universe?

Premiere: Saturday, 28 November, SIN/KL/MNL: 9.00pm | BKK/JKT: 8.00pm | DEL: 10.30pm
Encore: Sunday, 29 November, SIN/KL/MNL: 11.00pm | BKK/JKT: 10.00pm | DEL: 8.30pm

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Episode 3: What Happens After Viral Fame?

Why does Nas Daily’s creator think that fame is worse than the coronavirus?

Do you remember them – the multilingual Cambodian boy? Ice Boy from China? S-hook lady? And, Nas Daily? Find out where they are now after gaining viral fame.

Ice boy from China

Premiere: Saturday, 5 December, SIN/KL/MNL: 9.00pm | BKK/JKT: 8.00pm | DEL: 10.30pm
Encore: Sunday, 6 December, SIN/KL/MNL: 11.00pm | BKK/JKT: 10.00pm | DEL: 8.30pm

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