Join Patrick Starr, Wengie, and other influencers at the VIDCON NOW

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Good news to all influencers and creators in Southeast Asia! VIDCON, the online community of online video and Digital creators, is coming to town! As a large community, VIDCON already has had ongoing sessions and events that feature all influencers and creators in the world. However, this time, they will focus on the impact of Southeast Asia’s digital people.

The 3.5-hour VidCon Now virtual event will not only cater to digital creators and influencers but marketers and business people as well. It will tackle the future of online and community-led media in Asia, and attendees can look forward to the vision and wisdom of people from the most popular and innovative online video platforms, and especially on the future of AI and the newest AI transhuman influencers and their creators, and how it will change media and marketing forever.

The event on December 3 alone will feature Patrick Starr, Mr. Kate, Wengie, and Jeff Yuman plus TikTok, iQiyi, IMDA, and a special live appearance from More guests will be announced soon.

VidCon Now Asia also offers bi-weekly programming that will be held across the year 2021. VidCon’s established tracks – Community, Creator, and Industry also offers workshops that will help creators and businesses build bigger audiences and drive more revenue. And the best thing is that they’re all for free!

You can now view and register for programming at New programming, creators, and speakers will be updated bi-weekly and available online in month-long increments.

“Southeast Asia is one of the most innovative places in the world, with a huge pool of creative talent. We are thrilled to once again be part of the Singapore Media Festival, and continue to bring the world’s experts to Singapore while we celebrate and include local businesses, creators, and experts. VidCon Now Asia will help drive the entire media ecosystem forward as creator-first media takes over more and more of media consumption, advertising dollars, and creative and technological innovation
globally and in Asia,” said Jim Louderback, GM VidCon.

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