Minzy Joins Viva Artists Agency in the Philippines

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Former 2ne1 member Minzy is unstoppable. After 2NE1’s breakup and leaving YG in 2016, she joined The Music Works and went solo. But after that didn’t work out, she set out on her own again and built her own agency, MZ Entertainment, just recently.

Right after leaving The Music Works, she releases her single album called, Lovely. And now, she’s out to make waves in the Philippines. She is currently signed under Viva Artists Agency in the country, and a Filipino version of Lovely will soon be released.

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As a K-pop senior fan, I’ve been a witness to 2ne1’s career, and I’d say that Minzy is one, if not the most, underrated k-pop idol, not just in 2ne1, but in Korea’s whole entertainment industry. Tagged as a “dancing machine,” Minzy has the moves that no other k-pop lady idol can match. But aside from that, she also has a unique and powerful voice.

Minzy’s got the whole package, and I’m hoping that her career in the Philippines becomes fruitful. Viva Artists Agency is known to be great at promoting their talents, and I’m confident that they’ll do their best to push Minzy, not just in music but other forms of entertainment as well.

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Just hearing the news makes k-pop fans like me excited. Since 2ne1 is very popular in the Philippines, I’m sure that Filipinos will welcome Minzy and support her in all of her upcoming projects. It’s great that k-pop idols take chances outside of their homeland. In 2018, former U-Kiss member Alexander Eusebio established his career in the country and was given a tv drama opposite one of the Philippines’ top actresses, Heart Evangelista. Right now, I’m very excited about Minzy as well!

What Philippine projects, collaborations, and leading men of Minzy are you most looking forward to? Comment them below.

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