BDO’s Cash Agad Brings Technology to Ph’s Secluded Areas

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The promise of technological advancements brings ease and improvement in people’s lives. BDO’s Cash Agad applies that social responsibility.

In ASIN’s sociopolitical hit, “Balita,” the band sings to an outsider about the horrid things that are happening to their beloved land. In general, the song talks about conflict in the Mindanao with certainly eludes most people in the Philippines, especially the “more developed areas” such as Manila. The song particularly centers around Cotabato, as the late ASIN member Cesar Bañares Jr. hails from South Cotabato.

The apparent corruption and greed that’s looming in our country paved the way to the economical division in out country. There are certain people, particularly those residing in provinces that are in anguish–continuously frowned upon by its imperial neighbors.

Unequal Financial Distribution

The financial assets of each region in the Philippines is not divided equally. The current system focuses more on the country’s capital, which is quite erroneous, in my opinion. Hence, if only there could be a system that can change it.

One of the economic frustrations of the less fortunate regions is their access to more opportunities. While subversive groups would want to knock out progress in a land, what’s ironic is that most of its people yearn for more progress. Gentrification would be called a apprehension for a particular land, but in my opinion, it’s what binds us to our natural path which is change.

The Disadvantages of Living in Rural Places:

• Less Job Opportunities
• Slower Interned Connection
• Long Distance from School, Banks, and other Important Establishments
• Less Amenities

These disadvantages were truly felt in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. I cannot mention it enough how the three-month lockdown was a mess, or to be fair, I understand it a bit since COVID-19 was still a mystery to us, so there has to be precaution. However, the economy was deeply hurt–businesses closed and jobs were lost.

Because of this, rural communities have suffered due to restrictions mostly caused by distance. Many communities have run out of important stuff that are usually from the bigger cities. They also weren’t able to get enough provisions and money.

bdo cash agad

BDO’s Cash Agad

It’s a great thing that technological efforts have been made for people from rural areas, such as BDO’s Cash Agad, where they have been able to withdraw cash from their ATMs in community shopes near their homes, without having to travel far just to get to their respective banks. What’s great about is that people can save up on commute when cashing out. They just need to visit a Cash Agad partner in their area, and voila! They can get the cash they need.

bdo cash agad
A security guard using Cash Agad POS to withdraw funds

Helping Local Businesses and the Economic Functions of the Community

Another great thing about this program is that BDO partnered with small to medium businesses in communities, which in turn helps the partners themselves, and in the end, provides whole economic stability of the area.

Each Cash Agad partner would be provided a POS terminal that enables people to withdraw cash from any banks in the Philippines, and abroad.

One of the Cash Agad partners is Lorna Taruc, owner of Jan Pau convenience store and Cash Agad partner agent at San Simon, Pampanga. According to her,  “It’s so much more convenient and easier for people here to go to my store and withdraw their cash. They no longer need to travel so far. Especially during the lockdown when it was so difficult to find public transportation.  Apart from this, I had more customers buying from my store.”

bdo cash agad

CSR Efforts

I would say that the Cash Agad effort leans toward the CSR side of business. It helps smaller businesses and the commonpeople that are in need of technological advancements such as this, most especially people from secluded areas. Hence, I extensively support it for the sake of my country and the people living in less developed areas.

For more information about Cash Agad, go to the BDO website or send an email to

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