Park Seo-Joon Kissed Me in a Dream

So, here’s what I remembered in my dream last night: I was on the way to the theatre with Park Seo-Joon, IU, and a couple of my real friends. In that dream, I knew that I have a real-life boyfriend, so I wasn’t flirting with Seo-Joon. But he kept following me. In fact, I intentionally slept in the dream because I was irritated by him.

After that, I slowly woke up, and someone is touching my face and kissing me. It was Park Seo-Joon! I felt his lips and tongue touch mine. After that, I got angry at him. The end.

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Dreaming of Celebrities

For the record, Park Seo-Joon is one of my fave leading men, but he’s not my bias. I prefer Lee Min Ho and Song Joong Ki (the androgynous ones). More than whimsical dreams, I’ve daydreamed about making love to Lee Min Ho many times. But Park Seo-Joon, nope. Just not my type. I can’t even figure out why.

This thing also happened several times where someone, like a celebrity who’s not even my bias, would visit me in my dreams. One dream was with Taeyang [of BIGBANG]. G-Dragon was my bias, but in a dream years ago, Taeyang was smiling at me in a funeral. It was like something out of a rom-com film.

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The Obvious Reasons Why I Dreamed of Park Seo-Joon:

1. I’m currently on Episode 4 of his drama, What’s Up with Secretary Kim. And I’m not binging on it. It’s been already two weeks since I got started, but I haven’t finished it yet. That’s because I watch it simultaneously with other series.

2. I just recalled that what Park Seo-Joon did to me in my dream was what my boyfriend also do to me whenever I fall asleep, except for the French kiss, because it’s weird french-kissing someone asleep. While I’m not precisely giddy or glad about Park Seo-Joon kissing me in my dream, it got me into a lot of thinking.

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The Connection of Dreams, Consciousness, and The Things We Consume

Since I’m currently watching a Park Seo-Joon drama, his face, or perhaps his character was recorded in my brain. Park Seo-Joon became part of my consciousness that lead to me dreaming about him. So what does it mean?

It means that whatever I consume, like news reports, TV series, music, films, can be absorbed in my brain. Whatever I consume gets stuck in my dreams and entire consciousness (subconscious and conscious). Hence, whatever I consume affects my entire life and whole being.

Everything I watch, read, and listen to solicits a reaction from me. If I watch a cute rom-com, I will laugh or be giddy. It brings out good vibrations. Now, what if I consume something negative? Well, that’s easy to answer. I just become miserable. Sometimes, I get nightmares because of them.

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Counting Your Blessings

I’m a Sponge.

It happened to me many times. Every time I would read or watch the news, there would always be something that triggers me. I would overthink. It causes me a lot of anxiety, and sometimes even nightmares.

I’m one of those people who are sponges. Like a sponge, we absorb every negative or positive news that we encounter. Sadly, as most humans’ brains are wired, sponges absorb the negative than the positive.

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I envy people who can put a balance between taking bad news and managing stress and anxiety. How can they not be so affected by negativity? Why are they fighting against the government, but at the same time, still getting leads in their business?

A few years back, I was consumed with all the negativity. I was yearning for human equality. And it took a toll on my well-being. After that, it got into a domino effect. I had a hard time with my business and eventually became bankrupt.

Getting Over It

It took me a lot of years and counting to be entirely over it–to focus more on the things I could control, to be still socially-aware, but apply Stoicism. I’m continually working on it. It’s not easy.

I tried to stay away from all the noise. I fixed my Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds, I watch mostly only wholesome series, but sometimes, the commotions still get to me. I get triggered. That’s because I still care.

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I hope you, as a reader, understand my point. Be careful in choosing what you feed your mind because even if you’re not a “sponge” like me, it might still get to your dreams. And that could be dangerous because it might affect your cognitive processing: what and how you do things.

As for me, I’m thrilled that it was Park Seo-Joon and not a traditional politician or hypocritical opposition, who visited me in my dreams. I still can’t get over my dream last nigh–Seo-Joon’s cherry lips and bubblegum tongue kissing mine. It was very real.😜

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