‘The World of the Married’ Korean Drama’s Remaining Episodes will be Rated 19+

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On of the most (if not the most) controversial Korean drama to date is JTBC’s The World of the Married. I’ve seen several social media statuses posted about this drama, and it is more than surprising; the common words used are shocking, depressing, sick, and f*cked up. The drama is about a seemingly perfect marriage between Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) and Lee Tae Oh (Park Hae Joon) turned bitter because of several conflicts and the latter’s betrayal.

Hence, according to the drama’s production crew, β€œStarting from the ninth episode airing on April 24 all the way to episode 16, the finale, the drama will be rated 19+.” This is due to the fact that the writers and producers wanted the drama to be honest and realistic enough. They don’t want to cut out parts that would make the drama static or sluggish because they were at a good start.

The second part of the drama would be more intense and groundbreaking. One of the writers said that it will revolve around Tae Oh’s psychological abuse on Ji Soon (who was already her ex-wife by this time). This abuse would make Tae Oh’s secret lover turned wife Yeo Da Kyung (Han So Hee) envious and tensed.

I believe that this is risky, but the right move. The drama is vivid and agonizing as it can be, but it also is a mirror to some real lives of couples. It will be an eye-opener. To everyone watching it and those still planning to do so, good luck!πŸ˜„

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3 thoughts on “‘The World of the Married’ Korean Drama’s Remaining Episodes will be Rated 19+

  1. the first six episodes were good, but once Tae Oh came back to Gosan it became totally unrealistic and ridiculous. Like a man smashes her whole window out, invades her home and seems likely to kill her had the police not come, but she pretends nothing happened when her son rings and she is covered with blood and broken glass and traumatised, and when Tae Oh arrives and the psychologist there are these heavy pauses and total lack of any discussion as if nothing very much happened. It is bizarre. Suddenly the writers are putting in all these unrealistic long pauses before anyone says anything like in American Day Time Soap Operas. Every conversation has a scripted feel, and noone says half of what they could or should or would do in real life. Like when she asks Da Kyung to tell her husband not to stalk her and the Da Kyung laughs, instead of following up with an explanation that it is not Tae Oh himself, but that he has hired someone and she has had her home invaded and been beaten up and Tae Oh has threatened her, she says nothing, and so she just looks stupid and paranoid in the eyes of the Da Kyung. It is so stupid. Nearly every dialogue is weighed down with these ” pregnant pauses”. In Ep. 9 (where I am up to) the Sun Woo opens up a suspicious box just before having to go and meet the director, after telling her boss she is following right behind him in her car. She should guess the box is suspicious, its a corny scene from a thousand B grade movies, and that was the totally wrong time to open it, by herself, when she needs to get going; also, she should guess Tae oh is going to try and obstruct the meeting. Also, leaving the boy by himself at home after two home invasions in that spooky house with no security, except a camera, is asking for trouble. There is no scene where there is no problem. Its so dumb. The drama side totally lacks any subtlety after Ep.6. The psychologist falling for her is unconvincing. The soyboy son is unrealistic. The Tae Oh character is over-the-top, and the thug keeps hanging around like a thug is a bad drama. I find it unwatchable. I can’t understand why people are raving about it.

    1. Oh my! I’m not further ep 6 yet because my heart can’t take the drama anymore. Based on everything you wrote, it’s indeed unrealistic. How could Tae Oh still be running after Sun Woo after all? Doesn’t he want peace?

    2. Or perhaps he’s a natural manipulative polygamist who can’t stand to leave Sun Woo alone? Or he’s too insecure? Whatever the reasons are, he’s a complete psycho.

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