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Sailor Moon’s First Three Series in the 90s will be Streamed for Free on Youtube

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Heads up, Sailor Moon fans! The first three seasons of our favorite pretty guardians during the 1990s will be uploaded on Youtube starting this Friday, April 24! And guess what, it will be for free!

This is part of the franchise’s promotion for the upcoming two-part film, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie, which is set to hit theaters in Japan on September 11. The three seasons that will be uploaded are Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (1992-1993), Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon R (1993-1994), and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon S (1994-1995). That’s because the upcoming two-part movie is based on Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon SuperS (1995-1996), the fourth installment. Hence, fans are given a chance to recall the events that occured before the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie’s storyline.

While the iconic series is uploaded in paid and free websites online, we cannot be more excited when it is Sailor Moon’s official Youtube account that would be giving us a chance to watch our favorite childhood anime. What’s more awesome, in my opinion, is that they will not be uploading all episodes at once, but they’ll do it by batches. They will carry out daily uploads from April 24 to July 23.

While binge-watching is commonplace these days, it doesn’t really bring us back to what it was like in our childhood when we have to wait out every weekend to watch Sailor Moon. Their official youtube channel will really bring us to full nostalgia! I have yet to confirm, but I am hoping that the uploaded series will have English subtitles, or at least get automated by Youtube’s captions (I’ll get back to you on this).

Streaming schedule:

April 24-30, 2020: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” (Episodes 1 to 10)
May 1-7: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” (Episodes 11 to 20)
May 8-14: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” (Episodes 21 to 30)
May 15-21: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” (Episodes 31 to 40)
May 22-28: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” (Episodes 41 to 46) and “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon R” (Episodes 1 to 4)
May 29 – June 4: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon R” (Episodes 5 to 14)
June 5-11: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon R” (Episodes 15 to 24)
June 12-18: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon R” (Episodes 25 to 34)
June 19-25: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon R” (Episodes 35 to 43) and “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon S” ((Episodes 1)
June 26 – July 2: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon S” (Episodes 2 to 11)
July 3-9: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon S” (Episodes 12 to 21)
July 10-16: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon S” (Episodes 22 to 31)
July 17-23: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon S” (Episodes 32 to 38)

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