Co-Bloggers and Creators, Share your Playlists!

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Hello, co-creators! This February, I started a weekly blog segment/category under Music where I ask people to share their playlists (either via Spotify or Youtube). The Title is “Of Melophiles and Melomaniacs.” I let people choose a playlist (whatever music you listen to, I am open!) they want to share on my blog and readers, and answer a few questions regarding that.

I’ve already started asking people (100% of them agreed, but only 70% submitted their answers). All of them are excited about it! Here’s the link to the entries: Of Melophiles and Melomaniacs.

I believe that this is a good collaborative effort for both me and my guests. I also post links of whatever it is they want to promote (blog sites, vlog channels, social media accounts, music and film releases, etc.). If you’re interested to share a playlist, please email me: I’ll be waiting! 🙂

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