Paul Ramirez, the Super-Talented Zoomer

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Hello, readers. This week, I’m introducing a talented zoomer (Generation Z) to share his playlist with us. I’ve also interviewed him regarding his song, “Bai,” his craft, and his productive quarantine.

1. Please introduce yourself.🙂
Hi! I’m Paul Ramirez. 20 years old.

2. What do you do?
I’m a second-year AB Communication student at the Ateneo de Davao University. I’m a singer-songwriter, and I also like to dance. In my spare time, I create vlogs, but sa karon, super busy na sa school, so I rarely do it. I’m currently saving up for my future so that I can create more songs to record.

There’s also this songwriting competition na kasali ako, and it keeps me busy. The grand finals will be on February 23. I have two entries, Mang Berto (a song about tokhang), and Diyos ko (about faith being a journey, and a choice).

3. How did you come to love music? How would you consider yourself, a melophile or a melomaniac?
I grew up in a family of music lovers. My mom is also a singer and she taught me how to sing. I consider myself a only a melophile because there are times when I don’t want to listen to any songs. It’s not all the time that I wanna put on my headphones kasi masyado nang magulo ang isip ko. I usually listen to music with the purpose of gathering ideas, to get some inspiration in creating my own melody. There are times that I like to stop listening to music for a while so that I could listen to my own rhythm or whatever is in my mind. I sometimes love silence kasi pag melomaniac, no pause na gyud talaga. I know some people who are melomaniacs like kahit matulog nakaheadphones, pag gising ganun rin, and I don’t consider myself na ganun.

4. What’s your most favorite genre and why? Sorry, but you can only choose one.
I choose Pop music because it is wide and flexible. Under pop, you can consider indie pop and alternative pop. My dream is to become a pop star someday, like an indie-pop star. Ganun, kasi I know a lot of pop stars who are vulnerable or good at self-expression, like Lady Gaga and Lizzo. We also have feminists pop stars, and those na pinaglalaban ang LGBT community. That’s why I love Pop.

5. Who’s your most favorite artist in the world and why? You may choose two.
In the Ph, KZ Tandingan is my favorite because she’s brave and she can flex a song to fit her style. She made me realize that if you can’t adjust to the song, then make the song adjust to you; that’s why I love her. I love Lady Gaga the most because siya jud and pinakafirst na artist na nakaingon jud ko na fan ko from Grade 3 until now.

6. What’s your most favorite song in the world and why? You may choose three.
Lisod kaayo sa akoa mangita og fave song sa artist kay most of the time nagachange akong trip sa music. I have new favorites for this month, and the next month it completely changes and don’t listen to the same songs anymore. Depende na lang kung ithrowback nako sya or nitatak jud sya sakong utok, pero it’s really hard for me to choose that’s why I decided to mention the songs I wrote:

Dagat – This is about unforbidden love like man-man, woman-woman, LGBT; mga love na ginatago nila kasi they’re afraid to be judged by society

Apoy – It’s about pangangaliwa, and resisting temptations, especially sa LDR kasi mahirapan sila magmaintain ng relationships dahil sa mga temptations around, like sexual ones.

Nagbabakasakaling Balikan – I mention this kasi wala ko nagexpect na makacreate ko og song na ingato ka birit og ingato kapowerful.

The other two songs will be released soon. Stay tuned.

7. Please tell us something about your playlist.
I choose my playlist called OPM Crib. I listen to this playlist because I want to explore how OPM sounds in this generation. Most of the songs in the playlist are mga bago na opm songs ngayon. I really love a lot of songs sa playlist, and I even included kanto songs to get the rhythm and kung ano ba ang nasa song na yun, bakit sya in sa masa.

Every week, I write songs, and this playlist helps me in my songwriting. They influence my taste and the way I create melodies, especially like one song from the playlist, yung Baka Sakali by Joyce Pring. I created a song called Hangin because that song Baka Sakali really inspired me by the way it sounds and how it made me feel. This playlist helps to increase my creative juice and para makaproduce pa ng more songs.

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