100 tula para kay stella sequel

100 Tula Para kay Stella is having a sequel

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It’s official! 100 Tula Para kay Stella director Jason Paul Laxamana announced on his personal Facebook page that they are producing a sequel the 2017’s romcom. The story revolves around Fidel, a talented high schooler who has a speech impediment who is enamored by free-spirited Stella, who dreams to be a professional musician. It was a rollercoaster love between the two, as Fidel would always be rejected by Stella, even after writing 100 poems about her.

Director Jason Paul Laxamana posted on his Facebook account that “it’s official!”

This is unexpected news, because, in my opinion, the ending of the first film was already a satisfying one. According to the character Stella, she already learned what true love is through the person she ended up with. It might be one of those films where there is no need for a sequel.

However, while I was writing this, I also realize that maybe, even when you are settled down, your old and perhaps past-lingering dreams would always visit your consciousness. So, I guess, there is more to the story of Stella and Fidel. We’re looking forward to it!

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