Little actions and promises I’m making today for a better tomorrow

This is the blog diary wherein I am proclaiming to myself, whether someone gets to read this or not, that I will be consistently doing meaningful stuff that will improve my motivation not just in work, but in life in general. If that rings a bell, then maybe you can do these things as well. This will be the first of the series of blogs I write after experimenting with these actions.

I don’t consider myself as still having emotional and mental issues, but to be honest, I always tend to think of thoughts that are not appropriate for my brain.

It’s way impossible to let go of negativity entirely as we are not the mere people in this world. Wherever we go, there will always be that tiny bit of negativity surrounding us that can trigger every self-doubt, or worse, self-sabotage. However, just knowing that all of it will come to pass brings us to positivity. All I’m saying is we can’t be positive all the time due to our environment, but it will only take maybe seconds or minutes to change our thoughts once again. It’s just a cycle.

After all the adversity that has come into my life, I went into a realization that it happened on purpose and I have to let go of them.

However, I also want to give a thumbs up to myself for refusing to actively take part in anything negative, like the political divisiveness of my beloved country. I rarely watch the news or read the political papers and have a minimal idea about our upcoming senatorial elections. I’m not even sure if I would take the time and effort to vote in May. I ultimately stopped caring about the political realm, except for some times when I get triggered by several tweets.

Now off to these things I promise to do every single day:

1. List at least 10 things I grateful for that I have received unexpectedly or expectedly during the day. The everyday air I breathe, or the water I drink are counted.

2. Meditate for at least 10 minutes twice a day, just before sleeping and after waking up. There are different types of meditation, but during the first few days, I’ll focus on clearing my mind and letting go of any thoughts.

3. Do self-affirmations in the present tense. Again I’m doing this just after waking up and before sleeping. Here are examples:
“I am focused.” “I know what I want.” “I am living the life of my dreams.”

4. Write 10 times (in the present tense) something that I want to happen in the future. Example. “I’m happy and grateful that I am earning at least 200USD monthly on my blog alone.” This is affirming, believing, and asking about a thing that I do not see yet in the physical realm but believe is on its way already.

5. Based on number 1, I finally promise to complete the 28-day “Thank you” challenge in Rhonda Byrne’s The Magic. Yes, “The Secret” might bullshit to some degree, but I highly recommend “The Magic.” It’s just a basic rule to be grateful to whoever helps you or gives you even a tiny service, and also to thank whoever your deity is or this wonderful universe we are in.

These five will help me decide and give me the confidence to go for anything, but the main factor is taking action, and writing this blog post, I believe is already doing that. Most people are already bombarded with work, games, love life, and the “real taking action,” that they fail to do important stuff like meditation, intention-setting, and self-reflection. They even think that it’s easy, but to be honest, the consistency of doing these things is the thing that I have been struggling with for years now. Now, I’m promising to be consistent with it finally. Hence, I’m putting it to writing for anyone in the world to see.

As I’ve said earlier, this is going to be a blog series project so I’ll explain each of the 5 things in different posts. This post might be a bit vague or confusing for other people who are very busy with their work and have not been able to be in a meditative place entirely, but again, I’ll explain it thoroughly. If you also want to do this with me, feel free to contact me or write a comment.

Thank you so much!❤

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