Tips for a seamless and wiser Christmas E-Shopping

Even though a lot of Christmas parties are already done, the thirteenth-month pays are still in the works for distribution. Hence, many people are still waiting out to buy gifts for themselves, and especially for their loved ones.

I recently blogged about online gadget-shopping issues and how a reliable online store addresses these gadget-shopping conundrums. Now, let me give you practical tips for a seamless and trustworthy shopping experience not just for Christmas, but for the rest of your life.

Authenticity and Legitimacy
This is a critical issue, and it needs to be emphasized. Many people are still not very good at discerning whether an online shop or a product is authentic or not. Maybe I have to post a separate blog post on how to find out whether an online shop is legitimate or not. As for products, make sure that where you’re ordering from provides a warranty, online invoice, and an official receipt. The gadgets should be sealed too, of course.

Fake Discounts

When it comes to discounts, many of us get excited, and the rational part of our brain just shrinks. I always love window shopping online, and this year, I noticed that many of the popular shopping marketplaces are doing fake discounts. They make us believe that a particular item is 50-80% off for this specific sale period, but the truth is, it’s actually just the original price.

An example was when I bought my Logitech mouse. I bought it from the mall because I was already there at that time. I almost regretted that I wasn’t able to make it to the big sale of a vast online marketplace, only to have been appeased after checking the price. The price of the same Logitech mouse was actually higher in the online marketplace than in the mall where I bought it from. I tell you, it said “50% off” in the online marketplace!

Installment Plans
For a typical Filipino millennial, instead of paying for an expensive gadget by cash, going for installment is a lot easier especially if there’s something else they are saving up on, like a holiday or another device.

Convenient Payment Options  
Paying for your purchases when shopping online is an integral part of choosing whether you really have to ditch the mall and have your items delivered directly to your house. If an online shop has a hassle payment system with additional fees, then you’re just wasting your time and better off just buying your gadget elsewhere.

Return Policies and Responsive and Friendly Customer Service
Another vital part of online shopping! If you’re not satisfied with your purchase or you, want to return or exchange it, relying on legitimate online stores is key. You get to test this by how responsive their customer service is. If they’re not that responsive or friendly, it means that there’s a 90% chance that you won’t be able to return or exchange your purchases from them.

Delivery at your doorstep
This is one of the main reasons why we go online-shopping. For the guys out there, I notice that many of them rarely enjoy window shopping and would prefer just getting what they need, and off they go. A lot of introverts (and even some extroverts) would rather stay home than shop in crowded malls. For the busy-bees, having items delivered to them is also ideal.

Save time on Gadget Research
I’ve mentioned in my last post that I hate it when I get bombarded by salespeople in malls, so I’d rather search for my fave gadgets online. It helps when an online store already has all the info you need for all the devices you’re interested in.

Online gadget store Argomall keeps all these in mind. I recently brought from them, and they kept their promise. I got a legit discount (Cyber Monday), the gadget I purchased was sealed, with complete freebies, and also with the receipt and invoice. Their customer service is the best! They even call you for confirmation and if ever there are specific arrangements regarding your order. Aside from that, all items are free shipping. Their shipping partner, XPost, is efficient too.

“As a Filipino company, Argomall values the Filipino way of celebrating the holidays. That’s why we’d like to offer them convenient services to help them find the perfect gift for their friends and loved ones, and we assure them that with Argomall, online shopping is done wisely,” – Karel Holub, Chief Argonaut of Argomall.

Visit Argomall now.

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